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#Cancer Season--Inner Worlds Matter

There are no 'good' or 'bad' feelings. Participation awards rock. In the world of this beginning water sign (Cancer), it's 'I feel' or in 21st century parlance--'I feel all the feels'. Or 'I caught feelings'. What we salmon swimming upstream to spawn? Hey, it's important to know your tribe & I ain't plussed or impressed with 'catching feelings'. As the water sign (Scorpio) set on freezing feelings, I let warm Cancer lead the way...

What is an 'inner world'? Well, you gotta breathe...duh? Paying attention to your breathing is a must, as is closing your eyes. Ya see when you do these two simple things, you tell your subconscious aka 'inner world' you're ready to look inside--all JCPenney like. LOL. It is important to be serious/not serious ala 'sorry/not sorry' when you're allowing the cosmic consciousness to examine or download into your inner world. After all, drop the 's' in 'cosmic' and we arrive at 'comic'. Might as well have Eddie Murphy's smart ass sitting shiva to our ailing egos in his Beverly Hills Cop movies. Please feel free to insert your own favorite comic here and imagine away. I can wait as you do this. Cancer season is not nothing if not patient when we feeling the feelings. No other sign has an instant and spontaneous capacity for soulful intimacy than the Moon children. Aries & Scorpio can give these sensitive folx a run for their money, but these are Mars ruled signs, so their acts of love tend toward action and confrontation. Cancer's hard shell--once off and/or identified--exhibits a softness. In essence, vulnerability is a superpower of theirs---its shadow---compulsive reflexiveness to please aka codependency. The line for their attention forms right here.

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