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Capricorn New Moon 2021: Have The Integrity Of An Elder

No planets in the fire element of Aries, Leo and Sag. Profoundly psychological and transformative Pluto is one degree away from this New Moon in integrity driven Capricorn. There is collectively profound soul work going on. Each individual ego is being required to evolve. No comfort zones anywhere will be found outside yourself. You must look within for your security, safety and comfort. As we rebuild our inner relationship through intuition and soul, we can rebuild our outer worlds.

“No Fire”

Fire symbolizes spirit, imagine a cheerleader or a coach without passion. Imagine someone with no spiritual center, not necessarily religious, but self-referencing caring what others think, how their behavior looks, BUT will not back down when it really matters. Fire does not equivocate. We certainly do not need folx extolling the virtues of ‘bothsiderism’. To talk to me about the difference between protests and riots, police brutality towards racial minorities versus property protection, we cannot agree to disagree. These perspectives are not new. A main pillar of privilege is not having to know or be aware of anything outside your experience, ‘no fire’ can mean not having an inclusive vision of the world and its citizens. Then, you overcompensate and dominate all within your environment.

Pluto is holding your soul accountable for sloppy thinking and living. The lord of the underworld asks you to be responsible for deep evolution that is based upon your soul’s place in history, now and in the future. His 250 year cycle around the solar system demands will look for deeper answers. It is not giving those pat answers of ‘I didn’t own slaves’ or ‘I don’t want to talk about race anymore’. Try living it. Social justice is not a restaurant where you can order it a la carte.

While Saturn may be Daddy, Pluto is NSA surveillance from your soul’s view. When you’re all about evolving, Pluto is your Santa advocate, it don’t matter if you’re ‘naughty or nice’. It matters if you’re consciously analyzing your egocentric actions in the broadest way possible. Knowing what motivates you (and how your actions affect others) can cause Pluto to give you a ‘pass’. As we were taught in law school, ‘ignorance is no defense’. Pluto in elder status Capricorn says, ‘I didn’t know that modern day police have historical roots in slave patrols’ nope, not good enough. I can’t even.

Take responsibility to know. Your soul records every half truth based on complacency that is rooted in privilege. Your emotional distance from others, your lack of intimacy is rooted in your unaware soul. Saturn and Pluto began a new cycle in 2020. These ‘lords of death’ one in ego, the other in soul are morphing into surveillance deities of ‘how old are you?’ You can answer chronologically for Saturn, however, Pluto talking soul age. Young souls are externally driven. The older the soul the more inclusive, spiritual and concerned about ethics and integrity. It is difficult to get intense (karmic) about someone’s gender, sexuality or religion when you’ve been there yourself (in another life). 

You cannot be about protecting property over human beings. Look at what happened on January 6, 2021 in Washington. There was an expectation that it was ‘their’ house. They could do with the property with impunity. Pluto states how young the soul of you is. That ‘mirror, mirror on the wall’ determines how fair you are. How your packaging doesn’t require much reflection because you can ‘get away’ with it…on the physical plane. Pluto works differently. He is a long term teacher. We are 244.5 years old. We are at the end of our first Pluto cycle as a nation. Until each soul sees its own soul and recognizes the inherent dignity in each other’s soul. If you narrowly only see the legal and political perspective (Saturn) We. Are. Doomed. However, when you analyze action and reaction from a soul’s viewpoint, you can relax and breathe knowing that acts will be balanced. It is our egos that want to see another ‘get their comeuppance’, our soul whose major goal is evolution is not interested in seeing retribution.

Jupiter In Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius, praise be! Social resources and sustainable abundance in ‘we are loyal to truth’ Aquarius. While the ego must die to be transformed in Scorpio, Aquarius desires to marry its ego to higher principles and aspirations. It is a human sign. This water bearer contains its feelings so they can be symbolically poured out as tempered wisdom based on an ‘all for one and one for all’.

Aquarius figures prominently in this New Moon in Capricorn because Uranus will be stationary direct after having been retrograde since August 14, 2020. Think of planets apparently not moving as turning up the volume on your smartphone. Tuning in to assess the essence of what the planet desires to teach us. Uranus shatters our attachment to status, conforming to assigned societal roles and patriarchal dominance. He’s traveling through value laden Taurus which Aquarius challenges. While Taurus usually narrows its focus upon ownership and individual acquisition, Aquarius tends to be communal in scope. After all, Taurus is an individualistic earth of the personal (egocentric) orientation while Aquarius is collective air sign of the transpersonal (planetary) orientation. 

Practically speaking after 2020’s decimation of our economy and health care, hopefully, Uranus brings large scale changes in our society, not Saturnian incrementalism. Expansion of health care, conscious transformation of how police departments use their funds, and economic parity are all indicated for a transparent Uranus in Taurus. Uranus eats hypocrites for breakfast. You can expect increased emphasis on political divisions in the USA. It is through these extremes that those who truly want to evolve as planetary citizens will have to speak up. You cannot be non racist, you have to be anti-racist and realize how our capitalist system supports systemic racism and white supremacy. Uranus speeds and broadens our minds to see how interconnected these ‘-isms’ are. What our egos separates and marginalizes, our souls bridges gaps and includes.

We shall see what the New Moon in Aquarius on February 12, 2021 (Chinese Year of the Ox) will bring. The first of three squares between the past & its institutions (Saturn in Aquarius) and the future & its inclusivity (Uranus in Taurus) happens on February 17. We’ve seen an insurrection (Uranus) with the complicity of some within the system (Saturn). Thinking for ourselves has rarely been so important, to see with the eyes of spirit and soul. Powerful Neptune (spirituality or delusion) in his home sign of pisces has infected the vision of so many who see themselves as ‘oppressed’. Count on Neptune to make a clear issue vague. Not knowing your history (Saturn) can easily have a person begin to believe in the ‘Lost Cause’. Whereas the first US Civil War began almost one full rotation of Neptune around the solar system (165 years) 1861, I wish it could stay a ‘cold’ civil war. I will breathe easier after the Aries New Moon on April 11. At spring’s beginning Mars (war) in Gemini/neighbors will be challenging Neptune (Lost Cause victim delusions) in Pisces (beliefs based on ‘faith). US will be having a Mars return on Apr 9 with a Neptune opposition from our US Virgo Neptune to Pisces. The next level of fervent beliefs of a way of life ending and someone ‘other’ must be blamed will be in full force. Remember the USA’s wounded healer Chiron is in Aries (where it is traveling now). When wounded, Aries acts out, reacts with anger and violence, has no ability to think past the present moment. However, if you confront Aries’ energy without taking it personally, you can heal through light and lots of facts patiently delivered.

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