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If you were born after November 21, 1926, you MUST read this blog.

The Scorpio Venus Star began on this date wearing her Morning Star veil. ?Scorpio has a strong connection with life, death and self-destruction. ?Pluto was discovered in 1930 which amped the volume of egocentric extremism that must be tempered with understanding the relativity of other people’s values. ?Leo is encouraged to develop its personality; Scorpio is compelled to integrate its personality with others which often requires transformation. ?Unless you were raised by a Bodhisattva or very old manifesting soul, transformation often occurs through loss, betrayal or unrequited love. ?The heart can get shattered repeatedly until it begins to ask a different set of questions.

Why am I here? ?What individual purpose do I serve? ?How can I let go of a compulsive need to control or be unnecessarily secretive and play or lighten up? ?What are the answers to life’s mysteries? ?Why am I too suspicious? ?How can I share my resources without counting the cost or expecting a return? ?Why do I focus on my losses? ?How can I see the gain or reflect on the lessons learned brought on by the loss? ?How did an unexpected direction of life shake my unexamined belief system? ?How can I live without a mask of excessive self-protection? ?What can I do about my need to rebel? ?How can I cease to judge what others hold dear? ?What happens when my child dies (think Lesley McSpadden, Michael Brown’s mother, from Ferguson, Missouri) before me?

Ceres as dwarf planet on Inverted Pentagram can present as a need to mother, an extreme need to mother, codependent behaviors and resentful care giving. ?When Ceres energy moves through the female body (and those women who identify with traditional female roles), the potential for having blurred boundaries can be immense.

Okay, some have called expressive men ‘dramatic’. ?Through heteronormative gaze dramatic can be code for ‘queen’. ?The planet is ready to evolve past traditional gender roles. ?Changing our behavior is challenging. ?Even more challenging is transforming our thoughts and feelings.

On the Venus Star from that fated November day back in the last century, we all experience loss.

Head, a limb or a leg, that’s what the Venus Star centers on, the entire relationship of your physical body to your spiritual body. ?Or your emotional body to your mental body, and this passionate star goes on and on. ?On the Venus Star it is about the relationship between you and another. ?It is NOT about just what your Sun sign is or how it affects you. ?It is about your relationship (and relativity of values) that Scorpio centers upon. ?From 1926, because of Ceres relationship to Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, we all experience some loss. ?But, more importantly, our relationship to loss, and the character (or resentment) said loss builds.

How have your attachments to food, family and comfort been overdone? ?On that note, Ceres has just entered the sign of Scorpio. ?Three days after moving into the sign of her mythological nemesis (Pluto ruled, remember he abducted Persephone into his lair, the underworld), Michael Brown was murdered by the police. ?The information surrounding his death has been disseminated in a piece mil fashion (Scorpio is connected to secrets and hidden power).

Scorpio, as guarded by security driven and controlling Pluto, is learning how to manage emotional attachments. ?Grasping and holding on send strong messages to the universe that loss must occur for evolution to continue. ?Remember that it was Mercury (guide of souls) who went into Pluto’s underworld to secure the release of Persephone/Kore (Ceres’ daughter).

If you are a mother and/or playing the role of mother, know that your love can be given imperfectly. ?Persephone growth required Pluto’s abduction because the mother/daughter relationship had become enmeshed, codependent and dysfunctional.

When growth and evolution ceases from the higher self’s perspective, loss occurs. ?From our ego’s viewpoint, we cry ‘Foul!’ or we whine about how life is unfair. ?With time and humor comes acceptance, but only if we ask what are to learn from such loss. ?We all must ask ourselves where have our egos become overly attached and refusing to transform. ?In this manner, we can begin the work of allowing a larger and more inclusive vision to take hold in our souls. ?Apply a bit of compassion for ourselves and then share with others. ?Imagine what the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri must be feeling. ?Then expand your empathy to those on this planet whom you are aware have tribulations. ?No loss lasts forever, no matter what our egos or shadow selves show us.

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