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Sitting between pragmatic Saturn and revolutionary Uranus is Chiron. 29, 51 and 84, these are the number of years it takes for each of these entities to revolve around the Sun. ?The first Saturn return says, ?Grow up?. Have a career yet? You cannot reform (Uranus) a system in any lasting way unless you relate to its structure (Saturn).Typically before the age of 29, Uranus inspires the proverbial ?rebel without a cause?. ?Afterwards, any rebellions without a plan become rants and indulgences. Isn?t age supposed to produce wisdom?

Chiron due to his intermediary status of measured time (Saturn) and innovation (Uranus) acts a bridge between the past (Saturn) and future (Uranus). ?In myth, he was rejected by his mother and father (Saturn turned into a horse at the time of ejectulation). His mother, Philyra, birthed a centaur (half human/divine and half horse). ?Later, Chiron was wounded in his horse half of his body.

Horses symbolize power and movement. ?With the domestication of the horse, our foreparents were able to travel longer distances than ever before. ?We still use the term horsepower to denote how much a car?s engine can deliver us when we need to press the pedal to the metal. ?Chiron represents an area of lives where we must develop a powerful vehicle for integrated forward movement. He also demonstrates where we are likely to see where others? cars are on the proverbial blocks, not moving or sometimes lost in the past or railing against dystopian futures. ?Wherever your Chiron is placed natally, you are being pushed to analyze what?s good and useful about your past while at the same time looking towards how to bring possible futures into the now, the present moment.

Melanie Reinhart in Chiron and the Healing Journey: An Astrological and Psychological Perspective states that Chiron is ?the Healer, the Wounded One and the Wounder?. In true integrated Chironian fashion, I will use the most common designation of Chiron which ?The Wounded Healer? as a fourth category.

Wounds and suffering can promote empathy and compassion. ?Or sometimes they provide justifications for hurting others. ?Also, you may feel it is your fault, therefore you allow yourself to be wounded by others, not defending yourself. ?LIke charity, compassion begins at home. So, the question remains, how does Aries fit into these four categories of healer, wounded one, wounder and evolving to wounded healer?

CHIRON IN ARIES (4.17.18-9.25.18; 2.18.19-6.19.26)

Cardinal means ?to initiate?. ?Fire represents the spirit plane. ?Yang is masculine and extroverted.

Procrastination, no spirit and to be covered later ?toxic/wounded? masculinity (which can exist in all genders). ?Imagine a team that cannot win in a home game or a rage filled person usually spoiling for a fight or argument.


Aries heals through their simplicity. ?After the mixed feelings of how much sacrifice lands you in martyred Pisces territory, this ?wanna be starting something? fire sign is as welcomed as a warm sunny day in spring. ?Aries heals through directness, clarity of action. Protective warrior (even Lucy Lawless who played Xena is an Aries) of the oppressed and powerless healing our embattled spirits, that?s Aries. They are quick to sum up another?s motivations, you are either for or against. ?In its yang/masculine expression, Aries thrives in the outer world of things, sharing ideas and most importantly activities, possibly becoming an instantaneous ?ride or die? best friend. Not a BFF, because Aries is all about now, forever is a long time. These pioneering spirits must perfect their visions through moving on and discovering the new, novel and unique. ??What?s next?? is the atmosphere that they must breathe. Which brings us to how Aries wounds?


You say turn down, for what? ?The turn down can be the music, rhetoric or and an aggressive stance when a bit of diplomacy will go a long way. ?Like Virginia Slims branding of the seventies, Aries has come a long way through the suffering waters of the previous sign (and life chapter) of Pisces. ?This warrior wounds through having something to prove. I am an individual. I have the right to exist. On July 4, 1776 our nation declared independence from the British monarchy while Chiron was in Aries. ?A war was fought. Our democracy produce the Bill of Rights. Individualism for the all was the ideal, but it was not in practice at this time. Chiron in Aries wounds through a hypocritical and toxic masculinity that is unquestioned at its best or institutionalized at its middle point and acted out at its worst. ?The healer, wounded one and wounder exist simultaneously and on a spectrum.


The phrase ?toxic masculinity? looks to be healed and made whole/holy through recognizing the power of relatedness and connectedness seen as yin/feminine traits. ?We come through the female, our first physical wound is usually the cutting of the umbilical cord as we are expelled (rejected by) our mothers. Aries is consistently trying to prove can stand alone, creating an independent spirit, ready for action. ?The cardinal/initiating energy of fire does not stop to consider the consequences of their actions. The match is lit; the offensive comments are spoken or the fist hits another?s face. In order to wound in Aries, you must see yourself as separate, the ?us vs them? mentality. ?We?ve had nearly seven years of inciting these spontaneously polarizing living as Uranus (individualization) has been in Aries. Sigh.


Cardinal, fire and yang when integrated and made whole and playing the role of the conscious Wounded Healer works with embittered war veterans. ?They pioneer a new mode of serving in whatever profession they?ve chosen. There is a courageous spirit that calls B.S. on hypocritical and outmoded authorities and oppressive systems. ?They use their passions to burn away what is impure. Dross be gone. There is no playing the victim, only victors may be a part of their squad. They light us others who have lost their way or have become downtrodden. ?They live out their own ?Bill of Rights? which takes a page out of St. Augustine who said, ?do what you will, and harm none?. They inspire through example.


Cardinal signs (Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn) live in the present moment. ?They want to forge a new path. Imagine a new ?manifest destiny? where the path is internal, checking your motivations at the door. ?If there is going to be a compulsion or inspiration to act these Wounded Healers will use the opposite sign of Libra to reflect upon their actions. ?Chiron enjoys teaching his students through polarities, light and shadow. Much like an anecdote contains a bit of the poison as cure, so does your opposite sign.

These next five months will illuminate and foreshadow what?s to come once Chiron returns to Aries on February 18, 2019 through June 19, 2016. ?I am reminded of Libra John Lennon?s words ?Give Peace a Chance? because if we do not, the Great Mother, Gaia is going to shake us off like an impatient and beleaguered dog with fleas, we are the fleas.

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