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Downloading Grace Before A Full Moon

Yep, we all go a bit loco before a Full Moon. Defining crazy as 'non-reflective, compulsive or negatively triggered'---you see, near Full Moons--we get "full". There's no room for the present or future---because we are 'Full' of the past...It is best to show ourselves through action, not idle gossip or speculation around Full Moons.

Remember time is not wasted but imagination is (often through gossip sourced in boredom---hello, social media, no?)

Our past often rests in how we see ourselves. When we compare ourselves to others in a fearful way---our hunger and greed for love increases. When we judge only by appearances our grace is based upon form, not content. Any time we focus on the physical characteristics--race, gender, culture, sexuality, ethnicity, national or political aspirations---whatever we use to center our 'stories' we get 'full'. There is no room for 'grace' or divinity to enter into you.

If you begin a sentence with---'it runs in the family' or 'that's how men/women or certain folx are' you are in Lunar Fullness. Even if you do not speak these things, thinking them is usually enough to draw your attention to what is wrong with you and a situation instead of what's right---how about no blame at all?

This Full Moon in Capricorn tomorrow has all the hallmarks of walking that fine line between accountability and responsibility. As you become more self-aware, you take responsibility for how your life is constructed (or not). Often times accountability is where you begin to seek to correct situations and relationships already out of balance.

Full Moons last five days, energetically speaking. Two days before, the day of and two days after---Sunday morning we awaken to the Moon diving into universal Pisces waters with Neptune. Devotion and illusion? Blending and softening the harder edges of these last couple of days of blunt Sagittarius energy into a long sigh. The statement---;there for the grace of God, go I'---rocks and shakes the foundation of any all judge-mental ego voices. Empathy rules. Along with Venus slowing down to go retrograde in aspect to disruptive Uranus in Taurus. Not only am I advising to 'expect the unexpected' but know that Uranus and Venus conspire to shake up your life in direct proportion to your resistance to spirit. Be willing to push yourself to your lustful limits. Lust is an energy that deserves the respect of our ego's neutrality---not judge-ment.

Spirit illuminates. Spirit deepens. Spirit includes. Allow your ego to create separation to feed your illusions and greed.

Spirit downloads grace, imagine honey being poured into your crown chakra. Sweet and enlightening. Allow it to flow into your third eye (seeing sweet possibilities), throat (speaking kindly or staying silent)---then healing the wounded parts of your heart. You may continue with the other chakras. I find ending with the heart (whether you start from the root or the crown--it is a personal choice---however, rarely do I ever ignore the heart chakra). These inner truths are called that for a very good reason---it is you ever connecting to your inner world---how these exercises feel within your body.

Today's afternoon brings a pragmatic Capricorn Moon---more on that later.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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