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Full Moon in Libra ♎️ Selfish or Selfless?

Re-member our ancestors created many stories about the importance of La Luna as they saw the Earth as the center of universe.

Like a child, the Moon centers on personal feelings and triggers (imagined or real).

She also represents the intuitive impression left upon others. Folx you know through professional or daily interactions--it is your Moon sign that matters. Follow the link if you want more info on how to use your Moon sign for effective and balanced interactions with everyone in your life

Your family, partners or friends often claim to know you usually see your ego and goals they perceive your outer actions--that is your Sun sign.

This Full Moon 🌝 occurs a couple of weeks after taboo Shadow inducing Pluto went into rebellious, radical and reformative Aquarius ♒️. Seeking & expressing loyalty to profound truths, that is our Star Child. Each seeks inner truths through our Lunar connections (our Moon Signs). Aquarius concentrates upon their whole truth (which can make their tribe open, honest & inscrutable simultaneously!

Allow this Full Moon yo open your heart to grace ✨️--offering the benefit of the doubt. Spirit Of The Law Jupiter sits with the Sun in Aries. Time to choose a new beginning based upon forgiveness, light & love. Imagine a world where your life is flourishing---you make no time to look in your rear view mirror except to let go and transform your pasts.

Follow this link to understand thw power of this Full Moon & Your Moon to have improved relationships

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