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The Pisces Full Moon September 19 at 613 am CDT has all the makings of getting us to think differently about how we nourish ourselves. ? Great Earth Mother Goddess, Ceres has a close opposition (illumination) to Chiron (wounded healer from Virgo to Pisces), respectively. ?Our health care costs can be controlled through preventive care (and what is our political ‘leaders’ arguing about? ?The Affordable Care Act. ?When Bryon and I were in Amsterdam last year there were advertising of product line called “Big Americans”. ?So we’ve not only exported our movies, now our culture shows up through the expanded waistlines and the diseases that spring from such excess. ?Full Moons are an opposition aspect that means you see both sides of an issue that cooperation must be reached. ?This Full Moon asks, ‘where are you willing to make conscious sacrifices for yourself and others without feeling resentment?’

Get more sleep, even if you have to release some of Virgo’s Calvinist imprinting of working, always appearing busy, not knowing when to va-cate excesses of service.

Pluto also is not moving in our sometimes not-so friendly skies. ?It is called stationary direct. ?Our desire for our highest self (aka soul) to guide us and need to let go of reliance upon only our ego’s perspective fall under the domain of Pluto. ?In mythology, he ruled the underworld. ?Discovered in 1930, he can represent what we repress and cause us to become what is colloquially called a ‘control freak’. ?Better the devil you know, huh?

Why are you holding on to the past wounds? ?On Friday, September 20, he is on the move at the ninth degree of Capricorn (government, authority). ?Maybe the U.S. Congress will begin to actually compromise? ?Pluto gives you two options: ?regenerate or die. ?In your personal life and at this Full Moon know that you are the center of your own universe that you share with others who believe at their center. ?Don’t put anything out that you wouldn’t want to get back. ?’Don’t dish it out, if you can’t take it’. ? Taking responsibility for your actions is a first step in healing and obtaining Pluto’s protection.

Each of the yin signs of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are populated with planetary teachers in this full Moon from September 19. ?Yin means feminine, receptive, bringing energy in, like taking a breath, an inhalation. ?Collectively, we are on track to realize what really matters on the inside. ?This Full Moon wants you to boldly go to explore your internal world. ?Please tweak your ability to support others without burning out and to receive & graciously accept support too. ?It is about energy, not gender roles and expectations that ensue from such.

We’re coming off a Venus (affection & warmth) and Saturn (responsibility & detachment) conjunction in emotionally intense Scorpio, a mixed bag at best. ?Stop the love you save just may be your own. ?In other words, analyze what is missing with a corresponding plan of how to give it. ?Maybe you are doing the best job of being an active (Saturn) listener (Venus).

If you can resist sacrificing your soul unconsciously on top of the altar of ‘look how much I’ve given to you (oft unasked)’ this Full Moon, life should offer plenty examples to learn how to balance the analytical and calculating Virgo energies to the compassionate and absolutely loving Pisces.

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