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Full Moon in Taurus Bestowing Trust

Full Moons are a culminating polarity of our identities (Sun) and our instincts (Moon) ask for illumination and integration. ?Each one lasts five days, two before, the day of and two days after. ?Saturday November 4 at 12.23 am CDT our security issues will be a focus. Taurus concentrates physical and sensual energies through taking care of the body; Scorpio?s interest are sourced in having a psychological understanding of what makes others tick. ?It is said that Scorpio desires to ascertain the invisible, metaphysical laws upon which the physical world reside.

At the exact point of the Moon?s fullness, She begins to wane. ?This waning represents a shift from doing to being, from individualistic pursuits to collective ones. ?Each of us have a waxing or waning moon, no what sign She is located. ?Too often we are concerned with our ?sign?, our ?path? or our ?relationships? without considering the cycles, the relationship between the planetary energies.

Scorpio season has to come to terms with endings. ?Look to your life from October 19 at the Libran New Moon. ?What has transformed in your life? ?Which ideals must be tempered with more realism? ?Where have you been assuming facts in your life that have little to basis in reality? ?Whereas Libra negotiates the start of a peer relationship, Scorpio seeks to deepen the connection. ?The isolating (and oft entitled aspect) of our ego must be brought into union with another soul. ?However, before we can seek this union, we must seek to merge our lower selves with our higher selves, symbolized by our souls.

Our souls witness our thoughts, feelings and actions to determine how much congruence we have. ?Know that our souls behave as our history keepers, existing simultaneously within and outside time and space. ?A Full Moon in Taurus can illuminate where we have been too tethered to the so-called ?real? world, ignoring prompting from internal sources.

Venus/Uranus Opposition

The Goddess of Love has a cherished position in her home sign of Libra. ?Grace abides and grows easily. ?Yet, Uranus in ?I Am that I am? Aries challenges Venus to keep peace. ?Imagine a radical diplomat. A revolutionary who courts members of the status quo. ?Seek security, yes, that?s catnip for Taurus and Scorpio. ?However, Venus and Uranus says question social mores, play by different rules, improvise as needed. ?Being woke in all partnerships is a requirement of a Venus/Uranus opposition, because like the Full Moon, oppositions starkly display extremes,so they can moderated, appreciated and win-win situations created…in partnership.

There will more information regarding Kevin Spacey (Leo, Evening Star Scorpio) and Anthony Rapp (Scorpio, Evening Star Virgo) specifically how entitlement can cause folk to make some very questionable decisions.? Coming out (like when you tell your friends you have an astrologer) is a process that you cannot control another’s reaction.? Yet, to conflate, drinking, molestation and offering evidence of a predatory nature is simply unacceptable.? Uranus is intimately connected to any and all marginalized peoples that includes LGBTQ.? As a parent, I want to know where were the parents of the 14 year old?? I will do more research to explore our often hypocritical attitudes around sex, sexuality, parenting and consent…which leads us to Ceres in Leo (children).

Ceres rising in Leo

Ceres, Earth Mother, is most known for her mother/daughter relationship with Persephone. ?Her grief at her daughter?s abduction was so extensive that she went on strike and create winter. ?Ceres can deliver some of our most profound losses. ?In Leo and at a focal point of the Sun/Moon opposition expect stories of children?s health care, starving people around the world and more loss of innocence. ?In the end, Ceres and Pluto ended up sharing Persephone. ?Where do you need to lighten up? ?How can you freely share your most prized possessions, including your body? ?Where can you bestow trust, even after, especially after wounds from others? ?Leo teaches Scorpio how to shine and express their best. ?Ceres coaches us to use the right amount of drama to get our point across regardless of others think or believe.

Unaspected Mars in Libra

Mars needs tempering from other planets. ?When the God of War is out there on His own, he can motivate unsuspecting others to violence, mayhem and terror. ?I had written this blog, forgot to schedule it and the server timed me out. ?I now write this after hearing about the attack in NYC. ?Whether or not our young soul nation can see and change remains to be seen, yet know that Mars in Libra can initiate violence out of a deep seated insecurity and simmering resentments based on having been faking polite and socially acceptable behaviors. ?One aspect of this Full Moon (and Scorpio energy in general) is to monitor your thoughts and feelings when you see an ?other?. ?This ?other? can be of another gender, race, class, background, orientation or culture. ?What do you think? ?Let?s say the ?other? is a server. ?Do you expect more inadequate service? ?How does this apply to coworkers? ?Extrapolate to the other areas of your life.

Taurus teaches Scorpio that sometimes ?a cigar is a cigar?. ?This be not the time for accepting superficial answers in your life. ?With meaning seeking Jupiter in Scorpio until November 8, 2018, each New and Full Moons will have an expansive need to seek and express only the most profound of answers, based on research and an unerring ability to know truth. ?To bestow trust is to express the grace that alleviates karmic instabilities AKA those intense situations that seemingly come out of nowhere. ?Scorpio must risk being hurt in order to get the goodies of shared power. ?Taurus simply reminds Scorpio to remember their value, how they want to be treated.

So, what?s in your cigar?

Join Alex Jackson and I at Centered Spirit 8131 Wornall Rd Monday Nov 6 @ 615 pm


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