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As I sit alone listening to the Pacific Ocean, I contemplate the last couple of weeks in our lives.? How to make sense of what seems so senseless (Charleston killings).? My go to is often astrological language (and why should this be any different?)

Last Friday at Former State Senator and Reverend Pinckney?s funeral (or home going service), I watched our President give an exceptional eulogy, and sing Amazing Grace.? Both men were born under the royal sign of Leo and have their Venus Star Points in the sign of Aries (warrior/pioneer).? Their stars harmonize.? Our President was blessed with a warrior Morning Star in extroverted yang fiery Aries and the good Reverend had a loving Aries Evening Star.? Both of these men possess the innocence and inspirational spirit found in Leo Suns combined with an Aries Venus Star.

I even mused that had Barack been born or lived in South Carolina, his path would have reflected Clementa?s.? This man of spirit (an authenticity that Leo can roar about!) was born with Chiron (wounded healer; wounded one) sharing space with his Mars (violence) and his Venus Star in Aries.? Translation:? his personal passion was to inspire, provoke us from our collective slumber and to a role model!? After all, fire signs are born to illuminate, to light our way out of darkness.? These signs (Aries, Leo, and Sag) show themselves best through action much like a candle dispels our initial fears through its light.? Fire signs also want to develop and embody their perfected spirit as a conscious sacrifice to something or someone they highly value.? Reverend Pinckney did just this on Wednesday, June 17.

Since 2008, the lord of the underworld, Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn where he will stay until 2024.? Capricorn represents institutions; Pluto transformation.? Which institutions have been fundamentally altered?? How has our collective locus of authority shifted from external to internal???? Where have you lost faith and trust in what and whom you used to place value?

Pluto gives an ultimatum, ?Regenerate or die?.? Pope Francis plays the role of Pluto whenever he speaks about global warming and poverty, etc.? Any time you voice and bring light to ?taboo? subjects, Pluto has his firm hold upon your soul.? Ignore his influence and you?ll be closer to taking the perpetrator walk than you know, ask Jerry Sandusky or Dennis Hastert.? The NFL, marriage, the presidency, our police systems, the Confederate flag are just a few of the institutions that have been irrevocably changed.? Enter in the Black church.? One of our last havens of safety and hope.? Can you imagine a successful dismantling of Jim Crow laws without the stalwart organization from the Black church?? The Voting Rights Act?? Montgomery Bus Boycott?? Civil Rights Act?? I think not.

Pluto looks to bring light to our collective shadows.? When aligned with your soul?s intent, Pluto acts as a patient agent of transformation.? Indeed, privilege lives in ignorance.? There is no blissful ignorance in Pluto?s underworld.? There is honest assessment, a willingness to label behaviors and ascribe motives.? Lukewarm and indifference does not exist or get entertained.? Since 1961, the Confederate flag has been flown to show resistance to the Federal Government, amongst other things.? The Confederate Flag is a symbol of another piece of our collective transformation.? However, substantive policy changes must invariably follow.? Otherwise the next eight years will be even darker than today.? Look at the discussion of ?hate crime? versus ?domestic terrorism? as it applies to the killings in Charleston.

At best, African American live cautiously, constantly monitoring our environments.? We may have said outside of our communities, but I know no black person who has ever felt comfortable at seeing that heinous flag, even on a belt buckle or the license plate of a passing vehicle.? We have adapted and suppressed.? Driving to Disneyworld in 1981, I remember my mother giving me the ?talk?.? She described some of the horrors of what happened in South and what could happen to me.? I had been pulled over in the suburbs of Detroit, so it was not a stretch of my imagination of what the police would do to four Northern black men on vacation.

The perpetrator, Dylann Roof, was born with a Capricorn Evening Star (an abstract, ideal yearning for traditions, past and hierarchies).? And, like all Venus Star Points, your personal passions without right relationship to them and others can lead you astray.? Venus does not exist in isolation as she represents the relating principle.? Left alone, a Capricorn Venus Star can easily turn into a wounded animal lashing out to hurt others (thanks Mars). ?However, under our present Evening Star in Scorpio, one thing Venus won?t be is, ignored (think Scorpio Morning Star Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction!)? Scorpio?s revenge is often personal and focused being an interpersonal sign.? However, Capricorn wants to prove its importance to the father, the past and the larger community (it was reported that he felt he ?had? to do this).? This young man did not exist in a vacuum.? Whenever you behave indifferently in those segregated conversation, you may be watering the soil for some misguided violent soul.? And, for those who still speculate as to the connection of June 17 and Denmark Vessy (planned a slave revolt to occur on June 16/17), please stop.? A Capricorn Evening Star has a passion for history that can manifest as a paranoia when they do not have any societal status or control. ?It is beyond time that our young country get its house in order.? We have until 2022.? Let the dismantling of overt and implicit biases begin or continue…

Where do we go from here?

Stay tuned.

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