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Gr8 Reflections: Let Me Show You the Way To Go, yes?

New Moon in Libra ♎️

Our Gr8 Reflection has to get us all to speak into reality where ‘we like it’. Not. Where. We. Do. Not. Libra follows negating Virgo (ya know glass half empty and cracked) in order to restore balance & equilibrium. It is through understanding how to merge your ego with your soul, you have another way to be in a relationship.

I love the Jacksons singing 'Show Me The Way To Go' wanna hear this tune by The Jacksons click . Those 70s inspirational tunes bridged the gap between Gospel to Rhythm & Blues. C'mon Aretha, Chaka & Patti--where would we be? It wasn’t a revolution as if there was something wrong with overcoming sourced in the call and response, but a reformation of American radio and its youth recognizing talent no matter what skin, gender, orientation or sex it was presenting. These children of the 60’s and 70’s have brought us the non-binary (NB) of today, yes? These folx and their real allies are working on healing our planet. After nearly a couple of centuries of outward westward expansionism aka ‘Manifest Destiny’, we’ve reached a point of inner growth and expansionism aka soul growth. I’m Stevie Wonder overjoyed click here to hear, plz to be able to be cognizant enough of our history and potential future to merge Jungian anima (soul) and animus (spirit) in a non-binary and/or trans nature to realize we are all both…

Let this New Moon open your mind and heart ❤️ It’s important to understand how strong our hearts are in relation to our minds. Gut response---oh, hell yeah, we shall overcome & understand, yep, yep. This week is built for us all to network, build those guilds of soul and love, please, baby plz.

These next couple of weeks while the Sun moves through Libra gives us an opportunity to integrate our masculine nature in its boyish curious mannerisms with a receptive yin through Venus in earthly Virgo. Discernment is the way of the day. Expansive Jupiter retraces his steps in warrior Aries--battle for a higher cause, leaving all that defensiveness behind, like worries and size and/or daddy/mommy issues. Just because you can get an implant or two doesn’t mean you’ve healed the root cause of your insecurities. Allow the easy going nature of Jupiter to give you the inspiration to look ahead, feeling a sense of forgiving yourself and others. Each moment offers an ability to source where life and love are working.

Let the Venus in Libra (Sept 29 through October 23) bring an equilibrium between you and yours--an intuitive knowing of when to act and when not to, speaking up and remaining silent.

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