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The six weeks from October 5 through November 16 of 2018 are tailored made for divine discontent, envy, comparisons and withdrawal from your best interests.

To explain love is to diminish love. Unless your heart has been opened, contemplated and reviewed, you may continue to use your mind and its transactional nature to see love as an amount. The love Goddess opens our hearts. She exposes our wounds. She gets us to confront our darkness. We must look at why certain aspects of our lives have been declared off limits or taboo when she speaks through concentrated Scorpio.

Good news? Oh, see you read ?Scorpio? and you go negative?sad, sad, commentary on fake and mainstream astrology. You see, because, Scorpio is one of the most giving signs?EVAH. Matter of fact, just like the preceding sign of Libra is learning to balance, ego and soul or lower and higher self, Scorpio is learning to lessen their emotional attachments?to give less, forgive themselves more for letting go of derelict partners, friends and, yes, family. Scheeh, as a spirited (Sun) in Scorpio, I have two brothers and two nephews that we share blood only. In typical nature-hates-a-vacuum reality, I have ?brothers from another mother? and I am beginning to see the grandchildren of my clients.

Scorpio (and until mid January 2019) there is no ?going along to get along?. There is authentic expression that pushes over ?sacred cows? or withdrawal until you can speak from your pure and unwounded heart. Leo (heart centered) rules over Scorpio?s communal persona. In other words, it is all heart, all the time. There?s logic within the Scorpio soul, if it?s only used as a covering simply to warn the uninitiated. To love is to risk being stung by the Scorpion tail, usually given as a warning that your hanging rope will be lengthened. The risk of your heart on very profound levels is what this next months are about. You have more reserves than you know.

Venus in retrograde connects us to our missing pieces of our hearts, namely the part of our feelings that we?ve been ignoring for the last nine months while the goddess of love has been all loving, other directed and Evening Star. On October 26, She aligns between the Sun (spirit) and Earth (physical) to be reborn as the Goddess of War, self-directed and Morning Star. You?ve heard: ?what you resists, persists?, no? Well, for the next nine months our trek through the underworld is not for the fainthearted.

Leading up to her retrograde function (aka the ?shadow?), we have had Supreme Court hearings that brought up gang rape, drug and alcohol use at an elite prep school. #Metoo, Bill Cosby?s jail time and the murder/cover up of an American journalist in Saudi Arabia, these events round out, but do not fulfill, Scorpio?s need to get to the bottom of things. As a fixed water sign, water ceases to flow when it reaches its lowest level. Scorpio is associated with taxes, hidden power and compulsions (underworld ruler Pluto), think about the info on the apparent criminal tax evasion of the Trump family?the pride in which it was done. Please note that the USA has a Morning Star in Scorpio. Since 2010, Her last retrograde in Scorpio, we?ve had a regression in our political discourse, known as the Tea Party (here?s taxes again), where one party simply obstructed everything it could. ?No taxation, without representation? has rarely felt so true today. After Aquarius, Scorpio is the next most rebellious.

Expect a reformation, as our collective awakens. After all, Venus is associated with women and women?s issues (which are human issues too). The desire to control one?s body and soul with integrity and to the death (if necessary, but more psychological transformation, owning one?s power within mutually responsive relationships, these are the functions of this Venus turnabout in Scorpio. Our evolution of our nation seven Venus cycles ago brought about the Cuban Missile Crisis. We must individually participate (North Node in Leo) in our society?s evolution (South Node in Aquarius). In 1776, 1962 and 2018 the evolution of Venus Star through Scorpio and the Moon?s Nodes align in the concentrated signs of Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The first alignment, only white men as property owners had the right to vote. We must exercise our rights (Leo) to have a better future (Aquarius), Scorpio?s passion helps this process flourish.

Personally, it is important to know what your expectations are and most importantly which narratives of love, trust, betrayal and forgiveness have you become attached to. Listen to not only your self-talk, but also what you actually say about past and present relationships. Fortunately, we get from October 31 to December 2 where the Love Goddess lightens up a bit in Libra. We can air our disagreements with respect, possibly drying out or avoiding the recriminating tones usually associated with water signs (or deeply feeling folk).

Go back to 2002, 1994, 1986, 1978 and each eight years to see which themes of love and shared power were playing out in your relationships? Think dramatic cliff hangers. I lost my junior high school friend eight years ago to a suspected drug overdose. I remember in high school he had ambitions to become a medical doctor. His Scorpio reasons? He wanted to prescribe drugs. He fulfilled his ambitions, only to presumably self-destruct. For the past eight years since his death, I have focused consciously on living without regrets, another Scorpio theme.

This is the choice Venus offers us when She visits Scorpio: Regenerate or self-destruct. Join souls with another (or a cause, ideal) or your ego will die on hill of no value. Some signs live for slow self-destruction (usually the fixed ones such as Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). Others binge and burn out like Sag, Cap, Pisces and Aries. Then there are the quiet ones that are there one day and gone the next like Gemini, Virgo or Libra. Cancer will sometimes leave without a whimper, but like Pisces they?ll communicate some kind of warning, if you?re paying attention.

The key to surviving this Venus turnaround is soul wrenching honesty and humor. You may conceal your personal truths out of a motivation of self-protection, but do not hide from yourself. Reread inspirational texts. Buy that piece of art. Whatever you decide surround yourself with symbols of support and inspiration (be they people or things). If you?re feeling unappreciated, then evaluate what you have (shades of Taurus, Scorpio?s opposite sign). Realize that any discontent with others during these times underscore the need to go within and contemplate your inner guidance. Noticing only what?s missing without evaluating what?s present is a sure way to repel or reject, instead of attracting. It is okay to move away from what you once valued or held dear, but take the time assess if this is true. At its end, Venus retrograde want a deeper alignment between body and soul which adds value to all your relationships.

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