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Happy Birthday Sara Ramirez!

My cisgendered heteronormative baby sister (pharmaceutical sales rep & overall medical/math brain) inspired me to watch Grey’s Anatomy around the third season or so. Sara Ramirez’s character Callie had me hooked as she went from a healthy (for American TV) heterosexual to bisexual. Now she/they be nonbinary IRL (in real life). Particularly when I watch TV (or get culturally magnetized), I investigate folx birthdays.

Happy 45th Birthday, Sara

(August 31, 1975)!

Born in the Mexican State of Sinaloa where the Aztec/Mayan game of Ulama was played.

There is a Mayan Story that speaks to every 1.5 years Venus (Goddess of Love) stops and goes retrograde (appears to go backwards from Earth’s Perch EP). For these 40 years of wandering Moses, 40 days of Noah and the transfiguration of Jesus underscored by the 40 days of a Venus retrograde (which predates all of these patriarchal stories, ok?).

Venus, Earth and Sun create a five pointed star every eight years. For you math nerds, these Fibonacci numbers of five and eight point out (pun intended) the five element system of Chinese medicine/astrology. Sara, for example, has a Morning Star Venus (warrior/yang/masculine) in Virgo (earthy/feminine/yin). Venus retrograde can be seen as the original non-binary expression.

Their ruler (Mercury) of this Venus star is in yang air Libra, but Venus is considered to be yin…

Pause, please & ponder (PPP)

Mayans have some of the best Venusian/Transgendered mythology because the temple priests studied the transits of Venus in Mexico.

Venus takes the body of a man with chastity vows for these 40 days, breaks them when we cannot see Venus from EP for 8 days, then the 7 sins are born, primarily the green eyed one of jealousy (heart chakra, anyone?). Then, She/He/They are reborn as the Goddess of War. Venus rises before the Sun (early bird catches the worm). Warriors sent to battle at this Morning Star Venus wakes us up to battle. Incidentally ‘bird’ is an endearing term for a man being penetrated as his pinga flies in the air). Pause. Please. Ponder. The potentially transgender aspect of how this last sentence resonates, penetrated male from the female (bottom)


An Astrological Look, Perhaps?

Sara Ramirez be an inspirational figure. She/they be an embodiment of Venus retrograde. She was born four days (40=4) after the Venus Star alignment of the Sun, Earth & Venus on August 27, 1975. The Invisible Venus of those eight days bless the birth of Sara!

If there is any soul who can give birth and Great Lakes depth to moving along a trajectory of gender and sexuality, it is Sara. She is an embodiment (Sun sharing space with retrograde Venus in asexual/virgin/freely sexual Virgo). Retrograde and internal are synonymous. Virgo has to learn which values of the larger dominant (and patriarchal) culture to internalize and which values choose to be resisted, consciously. When Virgo has cleaned up their Unfinished Business (UB) of Leo, their confidence is holy, sacrosanct and rarely repulsive. If anything, Sara has shown how they can live in a world of their own choosing. A star, like a leopard, keeps their spots to remind them of the darkness, the 40 days of rain (hello, climate change) or 40 days of temptation (hello, Patriarchal Satan) to express their truths that, let’s face it, harm NO ONE (hello, St. Augustine).

I salute Sara. I wish her/them the best 45th birthday possible. She/They be teaching through example (little did I know that African American Vernacular English/AAVE & our use of the ‘be’ verb would come in so handy).

Like Heavy D and Christ consciousness, ‘I ain’t got nothin’ but love for ya’!)

I be lovin’ me some Sara!

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