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Ignorance, Karma, Grace and Redemption---Crisis Points As The Moon Waxes

After Gemini nourishes our hearts and minds, enter Cancer at the First Quarter Moon. There are roughly 4-seven day cycles in one lunar month. As the fourth sign of the zodiac, it is time to get to the bottom of things. In ORM, our souls demonstrate how we are all rooted together. In AstrORM, this fourth week is called Ignorance. These first four weeks our egos are spent in detangling what’s ours and what’s been imprinted. We are in the culmination of deconstructing our egos, so we can more effectively listen to our soul’s voice.

Our Root Material for this Ignorance Week:

Imagine everything there is to know in the entire world. Of everything there is to know, what percentage do you, personally, know?

Use your Cancer (1st quarter/waxing moon) energies to ‘remember’ that we are not separate and alone, we are simply in a state of profound forgetting’. We are all connected (rooted) by common energies. Our answers are present within each of us. Our egos have to be deconstructed enough to admit that we do not know. Then answers appear from our souls’ desire to protect us.

Karma is intensity. This is your most ‘karmic’ triad. Unlike the preceding sibling triad of Nourishing Gemini, this one brings a crisis. It offers us the Ignorance of our Mentors in the guise of our parents (first). We keep repeating patterns until we look inside ourselves for safety instead of outside ourselves. After all, Cancer the crab has a hard shell for a reason.

Again for our AstrORM Arena

When we are mining our experiences from an Cancer/Ignorance viewpoint our safety is paramount. Our protective shell reminds us where we start and another begins, but does little to protect us from our feelings that are meant to express and enhance this human experience. We are always safe at the universal, soul level, but our ego energies (doing their job well!) amp up the vibrations of fear and they take up residence in our physical bodies, clouding us from essential truths. When we breathe, we slow down. We detach and observe our feelings. The more separate we focus upon our own feelings the more alone we feel. In our soul’s protective playpen, we are more able to admit to what we don’t know about another’s experience. In essence we can offer ‘the benefit of the doubt’ freely.

At Right Angles To…

This statement means having conflict or a natural flow is blocked or slowed down. The 90 degree angle is called a square in Astrology. Simply count 90 days from your sign (in either direction, remember we are on a circle). These signs bring the crisis--the need to make one clear decision through asking yourself---ego or soul? My self-interest or relationship’s interest? My resources or our resources?

When conflict occurs, James Ingram’s duet with Michael McDonald Yah Mo Be There comes to mind and heart. As I listen to the lyrics, I don’t know all of what they mean. But, I trust my feelings (Week Five) of how I feel within my physical body. I trust that my body responds though wanting to move, tap my feet or sing along---each activity demonstrating to anyone in the audience (including myself) that I am ‘feeling’ this tune! Ignorance can be a major basis for Conflict; these are both Physical Weeks in ORM along with a goal of Wholeness. (There is no goal per se from our soul’s perspective. Awaring about Wholeness demonstrates there is no need for a goal you already have.)

These intense triangles are:

  1. Your sign/90 days before your birthday/90 days after your birthday.

  2. They usually show up in your life through your family, work or where you choose to commit yourself (profound friendships who live by #impact).

  3. They challenge you to transform your ego’s self-interest into collective interests.

  4. These shared interests reflect your willingness to research and live from your roots (our soul’s way of demonstrating energetic wholeness.

Cancer/Aries/Libra, you have the easiest path to feeling your roots. Just cause it’s easy does not mean it’s always smooth. In some ways your ego can be overcome with anxieties much like a garden that's been overtaken by weeds. Helping you leave the painful past that your return to rather frequently is ‘I am’ Aries. This fire sign reminds you that it’s okay to act without deliberating on all the possible outcomes. Check your intentions. Look at your past but don’t get stuck there. Libra brings the pause. This starting air sign allows you to see all sides of a story or relationship. It is important that you realize at what age your decision making became stalled or arrested. Affirm that you have the right to exist as an individual---rooted to other individuals. Everyone has dignity when grace is expressed. If you continually treat those outside your family with grace but not those inside---what happened to you to begin and continue this pattern? Ask for help from a moderate position. In other words,grown ass people have contact with their own inner parent and child. Your soul conspires to offer you what you need, not necessarily what you want.

Leo/Taurus/Scorpio, you desire the best in all situations. Unless you learn that your willfulness can be repelled, you end up believing you must do everything yourself, by yourself, for yourself. How isolating! How much of a belief that ‘life is a bitch and then you die’ is a foundation. Once you realize that you have an inexhaustible supply of radiant energy, you attract all the goodies any one person can handle. The more you are yourself without demanding an audience or validation (stop counting your followers on any platforms), paradoxically more people show up to help you. Remind yourself that it’s not only what you say, but what you think. As you peer more deeply into your own motivations, you become even more radiant. You show up as an agent for Grace and Loving Kindness. Maddening to those who continue to feed on outer validation, not inner verification of Aligning to their Inner Truth/Intention (Week 11 ORM).

Virgo/Gemini/Sagittarius, your adaptable mannerisms are best served when you have a craft that you’re passionate about. I believe your signs root you into accepting your nerdy or geeky ways. You allow no one to shame these behaviors. You live from the maxim ‘Do what you will and harm none’. The Gemini/Sag axis challenges your critical sight---that tends to focus on what’s lacking, not what’s there. The more you accept constructive support (either in word or deed), the more you can relax. You begin to treat your life as an actor on stage mastering their craft through improvisation. You say ‘Yes!’ to the others on your stage. You freely share through acting from love--chicken soup for the sick or kind inspirational message when needed. You do for humanity in the situations you allow yourself to hang out in. You are a welcomed guest wherever you choose to go. Your practical imagination is a boon for all who have the pleasure to be around you.

Libra/Cancer/Capricorn you have learned many lessons moving through the ‘Deconstructing Ego’ stage of AstrORM. Mentors have attempted to repress your innocence and childlike nature especially as it comes to forgiveness of others. Music has given you a place of refuge from the world. You feed yourself through inspirational and/or autobiographical works. You tend to be willing to admit to what you do not know. As you mature, you turn your closest relationships into family ones. You possess a shrewd side. You understand how to cajole or persuade others to become better versions of themselves. You operate from an intangible equilibrium offering acceptance instead of judge-ments. Capricorn folx challenge you to take off any rose colored glasses. These people remind you that your integrity matters most in dealing with matters of the heart. In matters of the mind you have learned the hard way when you ignore your intuitive first impressions. In the next Week of Feelings, you will feel guided to be in the correct place and the right time.

Scorpio/Leo/Aquarius, you have only to brag about being a Scorpio. Your sign is connected to another Physical week, Conflict. Each physical week in AstrORM offers an opportunity for our egos to recognize and assimilate lessons learned. We demonstrate in the third dimension (the so-called ‘real’ world) these truths. Leo, as your past Ignorance mate, reminds you to submit to those who need a win more than you do. Huh? What a little submissiveness for a ‘win-win’. So what if you delay an orgasm or two? Simply integrate the Aquarius energy of mutual and communal satisfaction to be determined at a later time. Imagine you determine your peace has run out in reality. It’s sorta like you’re a piece of your favorite cheese or dairy product---there’s a use by date. Refrigerate those ‘hot and impatient’ feelings. Edge, but do not blow. In other words, become more sensitive to your physical body’s messages whether you’re being touched or not. How to unify your head, heart and genitals---quite an evolutionary challenge, eh?

Sagittarius/Virgo/Pisces, your karmic triad tempers your becoming a ‘practical idealist’. As such, you are visionary AF. But, when you’re entitled (not flowing with your inner Pisces muse), you become insufferable. You know everything. You have advice on each topic. Your intuition floods your rational mind. You begin to miss even the most obvious of social clues. However, when you’ve mastered the previous mutable sign (Virgo), you ride your centaur at a moderate pace. Your integrity shows up in how you discuss folx who are not present. You see, Pisces reminds you that your intuition (while spot on) can be lacking when it speaks from an inexperienced place. Books on sex aid in the discussion and mental foreplay, but at some point you must act---be as generous with your body as well as your mind. Simply humbly waiting to be invited can make all the difference in ‘Yah Mo Be There’ and ‘Yah Be Uninvited’. Ask, do not assume. You may be wanted for reasons you’ve barely allowed yourself to consider. Security is verified through discussion; validation shows more inner work is necessary. Validation is like being thirteen asking folx if you’re ready for your quinceanera. Only you know that…, right?

Capricorn/Libra/Aries, you can easily become rigid based upon past experiences of taking on more responsibility than you believed was yours to do. Your impatience with how life ‘should be’ can make you an easy mark. Others ‘con’ you into doing for them, sometimes at the expense of your best interests. Or when the Libran lessons of balance and moderation haven’t been mastered, your physical body, money, career or reputation suffer. It takes your forward imagining of the basic innocence of life to co-create processes of life where you accept your place on the Cosmic wheel. You beam with practical intuition. Rarely do you offer unsolicited advice, you prefer that your actions (and ensuing reputation) speak for themselves. Time is not wasted. You are efficient without losing your compassion. You see where everyone ‘should’ fit perfectly playing their roles based upon individual skill sets. As long as you feel rooted to everyone else’s dignity as an individual, you live as a shining example to all of humanity.

Aquarius/Scorpio/Taurus once you accept that you don’t know everything (nor need to), you relax. Your innate oppositional defiance becomes problematic in direct proportion to your need to tell others how to live or think. Yet, when you realize from your Scorpio side that you can rebel secretly, you start to radiate grace and beauty. Your dance card (or followers) fill up. Your magnetic increases as your argumentativeness decreases. Taurus people quietly challenge your knowledge. To these deliberately slow moving folx, if you cannot apply what you know, then what go is it? Both your karmic signs ensure you don’t confuse your personal truths with universal ones. ‘Judge not, yet you be judged’. Realize your thoughts are communicated to those who love you. Two mantras for you are: ‘Keep It Simple’ and ‘Stay Present’. Seeing the essence of your intentions, breath and trust these outlines will shape your realities in a way you’ve scarcely been able to imagine.

Pisces/Gemini/Sagittarius, let’s look at some lyrics--being given to poetry, these three signs are:

Heavenly Father watchin' us fall

We take from each other and give nothing at all

Well, it's a doggone shame

But never too late for change

So, if your luck runs low

Just reach out and call His name, His name

Yah Mo Be There

Let’s ask your Gemini side to translate from organized religious references to Rooted Soul Talk (RST). The ‘Heavenly Father’ is our souls swimming in Wholeness (Week 12). Our souls are inclusive of all religious or spiritual references. Please ask yourself, ‘Can you hold yourself in love?’ If so, can you imagine your soul has it. Timeless imagination that feels it is never too late to change. Reaching out is an act of humility of realizing your Ignorance that leads to Conflict and separates you from Wholeness. This act of calling or invoking illuminates your devotion to realize your longing to return to you to your Source, your roots. You are Yah. You are All. You are Tao. You are the Way. There is no Wholeness to which to return---from your soul’s viewpoint, you never left. As you resist the temptation to engage in superior thinking that you have a corner on ‘truth’ that others do not, you shine ever more bright.

Aries/Capricorn/Cancer your intense triad needs to have one motto: ‘no throwing the baby out with the bath water’. Or let’s be more spirit/psyche oriented & say ‘reform differs from revolution’. There is a rebirth in reformation. There’s often ego in revolution. Yours is a sign that is developing an independent self, a healthy ego that wants to serve with maturity/integrity (Capricorn) and warmth/empathy (Cancer). You can exude the joy that mother Demeter felt each spring when her daughter Persephone returned from the underworld. Sure, in hot moments you can react like you’d don’t want to listen to anyone, stirring up others for the hell of it. Those who know you, know that if they wait about 10 minutes (or you count to 10), you’ll cool down. Continue to live the difference between pioneering a new way of life and managing our activities on a daily basis.

Taurus/Aquarius/Leo--what a mixture of higher communal ideals, hutzpah and showmanship you are! You have no qualms about telling people how you feel about so-called taboo subjects (usually religion or politics). If we don’t sign your paycheck, you could care less about how your words land. You’re like the skunk---commanding self-respect, moving at your own pace and giving three warnings before getting sprayed. In social situations, you will either joke to lighten the mood or change the subject if need be, but if we’re too dense to get these hints, you’ll tell your whole truth. Hell, you live by the statement: ‘If you don’t stand for something, you’re likely to fall for anything’. You really simply want some love and affection--maybe a nest egg too, huh?

Gemini/Pisces/Virgo--your triangle lives through the mind. Often you observe when to be assertive and extroverted, grabbing the family jewels (or tatas) to make a point or being receptive and chill, taking in the whole situation. You transcend gender roles. From my limited understanding (remember this is Ignorance Week in ORM), gender exists in our minds. You are both male and female from an energied perspective. Everyone is. Your sign is simply more likely to admit to yourself. Pisces challenges you to believe in the unseen (like thoughts and feelings along with spirits). Virgo pushes you to inquire about how win-win situations can be created. Submissiveness is an inspiration to Virgo, particularly when higher ideals have been agreed upon by all parties involved. You not only ‘live and let live’ you also hum along with the blues tune ‘T’aint Nobody’s Business If Do’. Loving energy emanates from you, even if at first we feel coolness.

Wordsmith Gemini I’ll leave you with these lyrics

Yah will be there

You can count on it, brother

'Cause we're all just finding our way

Travelin' through time

People got to keep pushin' on

No matter how many dreams slip away

Yah will be there

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