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In Need Of Love Today: Our Nation Needs Loving Leo Energy

Our nation needs Loving Leos. As Detroit’s priest wrote more than 40 years ago, ‘Love’s In Need of Love Today’. Yes, we Detroiters accepted Stevie Wonder as our spiritual guide and adviser more than four decades ago. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder translated ‘blind man magic’ into ‘black girl magic’. Realize that their blindness allowed this white supremist country to more fully accept their talents. That is they could not see the protected white woman, so they were not a threat (Emmitt Till, anyone). ‘A more perfect union’, my ass. This week we celebrate white women having the right to vote. Remember the Voting Rights Act came about 45 years later. Fuck, gives a whole another meaning to ‘color blind’ eh? Back in JIm Crow world, we could perform on stage, but not enter through the front door of where we were performing. Now, Senator Harris has to fend off white supremicist birther BS from our unapologetically President Cheeto (who has Uranus as his leading/career planet in Gemini). Talk about dissociative and oppositional defiance disorder with a roux of malignant narcissism. Presently we have two presidential candidates that have Mars (warrior/toddler) in Leo. Our not-so-esteemed President and Senator Harris. This New Moon in Leo activates them both. Mars in Leo has to use its vibrant fire to serve its chosen communities. The larger the vision based on the part of the heart that has not been wounded, the more inclusive and joyous the soul. Anyone who has a heart that they use to feel another’s reality knows which one operates from pain, disgust and pettiness. Both of these individuals were born hours before a Full Moon. DJT straddles the Gemini/Sagittarius (facts/vision) axis. Senator Harris has a Libra Sun and Aries Moon, (initiating union/consensus vs. individual action). Cheetos’ Mars rises in Leo, so his anger, rage and disgust shows upon his face, it leads his approach to life. Because the rising sign connects us to the physical world, I would not be surprised if there is news around his heart or lower back. Ms. Harris’ Mars falls in her third house of narrative and intra-group consensus building. Fully expect fiery rhetoric brought about because of an increasing confidence in her support from all women who demand a leading from consensus and cooperation versus the centuries old top bottom patriarchal approach. The Venus Star (how we exhibit our personal passions) until March 24, 2021 is Morning (Warrior) and in social media ‘everyday communication’ Gemini. Know this: 2016 is not repeating…it’s rhyming, though. Morning Stars, like the early birds, get the worms and take no mierda/shit. This current check your facts in the present moment Venus Star has all the makings of well, making this next New Moon seem like living out lies in the now, el ahorita, the right now. Senator Harris has the good fortune to be born under a Morning Star Venus in Gemini in her first house of how she approaches the world. She has Mercury in secretive and deductive Scorpio (and she’s Gemini rising). As her shadow planet, her mind can travel the dark underworld of secrets, lies and videotape. She can keep up with the orange tweeter. His Evening Star (Gallup polling sensitive) is in group mind Aquarius. A mind on drugs and a terrible thing to waste occurs when Aquarian Stars sell their souls for the highest bidder (usually convincing others of how to drink the Kool Aid). A strength of all Gemini Stars is their flexible minds. They usually investigate all scenarios dispassionately. Remember Mercury traveled upper, middle and underworlds without concern. Aquarian Stars can become fixated on one perspective, a mind set, then they create teams to go out and fulfill this vision (often dystopian). Sounds familiar. Unlike Gemini Stars whose guardian opens the doorways to truth with a capital T. Whatever Kamala’s past follies may have been, she is tasked with cleaning up our USA’s narcissistic mess aided and abetted by our Mercury retrograde in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Can I get a COINTELPRO anyone? FBI infiltration into the last Civil Rights Movement from 1956 to 1971. In true shapeshifter fashion, it has been repurposed through our Department of Justice (Barr is a Gemini with an Evening Aquarius Star like DJT) and Homeland Security. Feet (especially winged ones) must be brought to the fire. This New Moon brings the ‘throwing mierda/shit at the wall to see what sticks’ to knowing what will build (and rebuild) the legacy that hasn’t been of the ‘republic democracy’. All shades of red are in order. It’s beyond time to submit to higher ideals and to fight for them. It’s not a milquetoast ‘let’s agree to disagree’ or ‘very fine people on both sides’. It is a rousing ‘coach at halftime’ speaking to their players! Complex times demand intelligent folx who balance (Libra) their hearts (Leo) and minds (Aquarius).

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