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It's All In The Family---Year of the Water Rabbit 2023

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Almost exactly 52 years ago, Norman Lear produced a show entitled 'All in the Family'. You may know some MAGA types who resemble Archie Bunker, an unapologetic racist, sexist, classist. This show is sometimes seen as scripted reality television before reality television. (I could argue that reality TV is also scripted, but it would take us off point.

Simply know we get better results all year no matter what Lunar (Chinese Animal) or Solar (Western Season) we were born in, when we honor our ancestors. No one gets nowhere all alone. Taking a village and standing upon shoulders, it's all in the family.

Our Raw Material begins each season with Week One--Mentors. An exercise is to list those people who have affected you beginning with parents. Mentors or Tormentors? Sometimes both at the same time.

While we look to our past, it is important this year to assimilate it to have a more productive future, collective and individual. One aspect I enjoy about Chinese Astrology is its interrelationship of the elements. Water creates/supports Wood to Fire to Earth to Metal. Although the control/destructive cycle exists to as Fire depletes Water and Earth sets up boundaries to Water too. It is about maintaining equilibrium. Let our passions ignite but bring them into physical manifestation through what was built before, ok?

Rabbit years remind us of how we are all prey to someone who has less to lose from an ego's perspective, yes? From our soul's viewpoint---all judgement (extra 'e' is deliberate) is self-judgement.

Music note while I write this about radicalizing Uranus in earthy & conservative Taurus this song is playing... Marvin Gaye 'Piece of Clay'...cant. make. this. shit. up. Our Soul at work, yep...Mahatma (Great Soul, we all have, lol Yoda speak).

Enjoy this Rabbit year through keeping your dry sense of humor & rabbit holes work too.

Innovative Uranus was stationary direct in Taurus this weekend at the beginning of the Water Rabbit year. Any stationary planet is like turning up the volume on your earphones. They increase in power. Taurus, in the Chinese system, represents creativity, future and the Metal element. Metal (sharp perceptions) feeds Water. Each of us has lessons in what we see for our future. Joy, sorrow, gratitude or resentment? The more mature of us admit to have a mixture of the past pains that enter into our present moments. Do you allow past grudges of your family, race, gender or nation simmer to block your joy?

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