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Join Your Brain's Hemispheres On The Solar Eclipse In Aries 4.8.24 @121pm

Through this exciting blend of the precision of Astrology blended with the imagery and storytelling of the Tarot!

This Astrolit (combo for Astrology & Tarot) is for the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Aries on Monday April 8, 2024b at 1.21pm in Kansas City MO.

The following picture shows a rabbit and its association with the Queen/Priestess of Pentacles (an earth sign yin energy in any body following their hearts to manifestation). Blindfold (overlooking or denial?) The Lovers suggests when choice is involved lean into your heart. And, a quote from the Papi of Humanistic Astrology Dane Rudhyar!

Each decan (10 degrees of the zodiac) has a minor arcana associated with it. The following table shows the Solar Eclipse’s energies--I added the animals for playful connections--goats, bluebirds & roosters!


Tarot Card

Associated Animal Energies

Asc 3 Leo

5 Wands

Tasmanian Devil--Inner Warrior 

Sun 19 Aries

3 Wands 

Rooster--Uniqueness Celebrated

Moon 19 Aries

3 Wands

Rooster--Unifying Virtue

Mercury Retro 27 Aries

4 Wands

Hummingbird--Embracing Joy

Venus 4 Aries

2 Wands

Flamingo--Balanced Truth Telling

Mars 13 Pisces

9 Cups

Puffer Fish--Self Protection/Boundaries

NN 15 Aries

3 Wands

Rooster--Joyous Communication of Self

SN 15 Libra

3 Swords

Bluebird--Appreciating Blessings

Ceres 18 Capricorn

3 Pentacles

Mouse--Inventive Motivation w/Others

Vesta 2 Cancer

2 Cancer

Warthog--Reciprocal & Fierce Framily Building

Juno 8 Retro Virgo

8 Pentacles

Giraffe--Big Picture & Sacred Ground

Pallas 8 Retro Sagittarius

8 Wands

Dragonfly--Seeing Positivity Everywhere

Jupiter 19 Taurus

6 Pentacles

Goat--Methodical Sure Footed Confidence

Saturn 15 Pisces

9 Cups

Puffer Fish--Realistic Dreaming & Wishing

Chiron 19 Aries

3 Wands

Rooster--Pride In Accomplishments

Uranus 21 Taurus

7 Pentacles

Beaver--Unexpected Growth In Life Values

Neptune 28 Pisces

10 Cups 

Seal--Soul Messages For Joyful Vibrations

Pluto 2 Aquarius

5 Swords

Fly--Recognizing All Omens ‘Good & Bad’

Astraea 12 Cancer

3 Cups

Penguin--Fairness For All/Ecology too

Part of Fortune 2 Leo

5 Wands

Tasmanian Devil-Sharpening Individuality

Black Moon Lilith 2 Libra

2 Swords

Blue Footed Booby--Humor & Lightness

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