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June Sixth Month in a Four 2020 Year; 10 is the luckiest number

When you combine a vision of expansion and inclusiveness (the zero in Numerology) with the focus of the one, you get spiritual completion. You have arrived at an ability to elevate your ego to ride the center of the wheel. What joy comes from ceasing to identify with the Ferris wheel at its height or once you get on. What would the ending of Love, Simon would have been like if the lead had done this? This Jupiter month requires an ending of delusion that we do not have the submission to karmic laws aka universal truths.

These karmic cycles of life/lifetimes. Oy, vey!

Jupiter is a major guardian angel of the Wheel of Fortune, the tenth secret aka trump in the Tarot. He is currently moving backwards in the tenth astrological sign of Capricorn. The entitlement of Ol’ Jove meets with the measurement of his father Saturn (whom he overthrew).

Queen of Soul Aretha croons ‘Gotta find a way less demanding’  in ‘Ever Changing Times’ (an incredible duet with Michael MacDonald). Well, a virus has taken us there.

This June has a build up of Venus (Love Goddess, a product of another father/son battle) also looking backwards from our perch on Earth. She aligns with the Sun on June 3 aka Venus Star Point. When She moves direct on June 25, Neptune (God of unconditional/absolute love beyond tolerance and acceptance) moves on June 22. It is as if the planetary spheres are in a lower and higher harmony or octaves that are beyond words. Now, I hear ‘Got To Be Real’ in my Ally McBeal/Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist. Cheryl Lynn (who got her start on the Gong Show way before American Idol) belts ‘Whatcha’ find ah/what you feel now/whatcha know now/To be Real (hey, disco was rarely known for its lyrics.)

Look back and find where you can create spiritual completion where there was none (or you lost the courage to speak up). That’s a major lesson for 10 month.

Whatever you begin, have some special spiritual spread on it. You can begin through resisting how others make their ‘special spiritual spread’, ok?

Count 90 days before your birth, that’s your Jupiter in Capricorn #10 sign.

If you have your birth chart, look to the house where Capricorn is on the house cusp.

OK, because you want it done for you (or you have little of a clue), I’ll start:

Your Sign: Tenth Sign

Aries: Capricorn Libra: Cancer

Taurus: Aquarius Scorpio: Leo

Gemini: Pisces Sagittarius: Virgo

Cancer: Aries Capricorn: Libra

Leo: Taurus Aquarius: Scorpio

Virgo: Gemini Pisces: Sagittarius

Folx born in these signs may be your lords, bosses, younger family members that you have to remind that ‘you’re the parent this time around’. Karma in its role of acceptance of pragmatic realities rules the relationship. Neutrality will have to be learned with these 10th signs. Yet, with humility and work these souls have your back when you least expect it. Act entitled and they’ll raise the roof, create a mutiny or cancel you before you’ve had your second cup of coffee.

A motto for June, ‘if the chickens come home to roost, have an air BnB in your personal contacts’.

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