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Last Day of Pluto in Capricorn (till June 11, 2023) Red Light District Alert

My guardian (Pluto) would not let me sleep more than five hours last night. He can be a bit obsessive. So fucking what? It's only the depressed, oppressed, repressed and suppressed that are afraid of being obsessed, no? Follow your obsessions to know where your juice is, your personal passions, like Black Lives, matter, for sure!

Red Light District as a metaphor for root chakra---which buttons did your parents and mentors install that would be pushed later? Pluto uncovers these triggers.

Within our charts everyone has a Personal Passion Point (PPP). Me encanta some alliteration---'I be loving' in Spanish). For a fourth 'P', Pluto also says don't be dissin' the nerdy, those of us who are not afraid to show our passions.

At another time, we can discuss the Venus Star Point. Suffice it to say that the alignment of the Sun (radiating consciousness & love), Venus (joy, equilibrium & peace) with the Earth (where this drama/dharma/karma is being played out for our soul's education) I call the Personal Passion Point. Know your PPP & you will know where your deepest commitments are located and easily assessed---like these swans:

This is our first last day of Pluto in Capricorn (where he's been transforming every institution since 2008, that's EVERY Institution---US Congress has been particularly intransigent, but this Lord of Death will take care of that as he moves through Aquarius).

The last time Pluto was at the last degrees of Capricorn was in 1777---the beginning of our Revolutionary War. This morning dwarf planet underworld god would not leave me alone until I did hours of research (with which I won't inundate you).

  1. Pluto and the Venus Star Point (VSP) both have a 250 year cycle. Like a 30 year Saturn return. USA & our Revolutionary War is having its first return. Grow up, pendajos, grow up--eat your Honey Nut Cheerios, drink tea, what the fuck ever--our nation has to move out of its adolescence. We reek.

  2. October 22, 2022 the VSP was a the 30 degree of Libra. Pluto is challenging our 'make love, not war' stance. Russia, Ukraine, Chinese Military and Taiwan---(if you think I'm gonna list all of the skirmishes or wars on this blue green jewel right now, you don't know me). Everyone's responsibility is to seek their own inner equilibrium. Libra don't be likin' any extremes. It's an idealistic air sign that truly wants to act on its vision of peace. It's key phrases are 'I balance' and 'We Are...'

  3. All outer conflict is rooted in an inner imbalance wanting to be healed to make you whole.

  4. 1777 had the Fight at Ridgefield, Sag Harbor (where I went to a VSP Workshop in 2015) and Saratoga.

  5. The Native Americans who believed that the Brits would not expand into the West, fought for them & scalped (according to one historical source) the Americans. Let's metaphor this perspective to those who are actively creating militias based upon their zero sum belief that as more people who do not live, look or love as they do obtain more rights and privileges, they will have less. A PPP in Libra requires we all push back on these incorrect assumptions--indifference (even at the holiday table is ill-advised).

  6. Imagine we are all channeling the spirit of The Battle of Saratoga. Without that win, France, Italy and the Dutch would not have come to America's aid (hence the reference to America's ending of our adolescence).

  7. Our problems on this Earth are simply too big for any one nation to go it alone.

As Pluto goes into Aquarius tomorrow, what are you prepared to do? Can you assess your deepest root assumptions about the nature of your shared reality? Are you loyal to your inner truth? Are you loyal to that inner truth even when others in your family, community and work demand or ask that you go against it? Pluto gives two choices---regenerate or die/transform. Have we collectively learned our lessons so we do not need an actual war IRL on our soil again? Now, until the next VSP (August 13, 2023) we all have a collective responsibility to heal what the IChing calls 'balls of conflict'. Helping with this healing is

Ask for an ego dissolution (similar to ending a marriage or relationship that growth has ceased) Allow your soul to intervene and take the wheel like some Christians ask Jesus to do. It is no longer enough to sit on the sidelines. We must each individually participate in the shaping of our collective future---says Pluto & Aquarius.

As we learn how to have less internal conflict, much like the 100th monkey (sigh) we can all begin to see a tipping point of each of us washing our communal bananas. Imagine 1963 where Ladybird Johnson. Her First Lady 'project' was to end littering on American highways (went over better than Nancy Reagan's 'Just Say No' to drugs). Now, if we see someone who litters, we scour and judge, no? I realize I lost some friends because I was a Black Lives Matter advocate approximately 30 years before it came into, they are returning. Check out week four of Our Raw's called Ignorance. Know how much you don't know and humbly apply some forgiveness to yourself and others.

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