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Mutable and dualistic Virgo teaches us our earthly responsibilities. ?Each adaptable sign brings in awareness of a new season through observation. ?Their dualism is sourced in the mercurial twins of Gemini and fleshed out in the Virgin/Whore AKA those famous Mary’s. ?Or the Mary and Martha parable found in the New Testament and continued in Astro-Theology.

This New Moon has a birthing feel about it. ?Not a fundamental compartmentalism found over the past three years while Daddy Saturn has been segregating fact from opinion while he treks through Sag, these next 28 days demand the pragmatist and conservative to come together, be one.

New Moons represent seeding times and Virgo is the time of the harvest. ?What is worth saving? ?What needs to be used immediately? ?On a spiritual level the Sun in Virgo offers lessons in true humility, a willingness to service your family, tribe, partner and work. ?The Moon’s joining el Sol creates the form or vehicle, similar to our gestation period within our mothers.

What is being birthed? ?What thoughts and feelings are you nourishing? ?Which ones need to come to term and which ones need to be aborted? ?Do you spend time in contemplation enough to discern what’s what? ?How do you treat your physical body? ?Do you restore your soul through activities the fill you up, not deplete you?


Venus (love), Mars (action), Mercury (communication) line up with this New Moon. ?If you are born under the Virgo Star and/or one of the connoisseurs animals in Chinese Astrology (Rabbit, Sheep or Pig), you will have work to do. ?Either you are helping others do their work, possibly showing off your skills (humbly, of course) or you are in process of promoting your next level of passions. ?(use the comment section to ask what Venus Star and/or Chinese Animal walk with you).


Earth Signs of Virgo, Cap & Taurus?have the best chance of getting the most of this New Moon. ? Taurus gets to act on its sensual impulses.. Living joyously and without critique can be your way for these next 28 daysIt is time for each of you to get your ‘spiritual’ groove on, that is, know what makes you tick and do it. ?Cap, you are finishing a three year cycle of unfinished business. ?This Virgo New Moon will have you playing the role of clean up crew. ?Know which beliefs no longer serve your evolution. ?Virgo, self-development through action, not constantly worrying work wonders, however, with reality testing Saturn challenging you from your fourth house of psychological foundations, build methodically from a place of cautious optimism (is there any other kind for you?) ?All in all, the world of matter meets the world of spirit and possibilities for this New Moon. ?Visions happens quickly, but the time to manifest them can be a blessing when you keep on refining what it is you want.

Air Signs of Libra, Aquarius & Gemini?have an excellent shot at slowing down to work on those projects that you’ve been distracted from completing. ?You’ve heard that ‘thoughts are things’, however, your neutrality can be masking procrastination (particularly when difficult choices are involved). ?Why does each air sign need crises to make decisions?? Any extreme can throw you back onto yourself. ?Libra, please live the difference between a pause and an avoidance. ?If you get stuck in pleasing others indiscriminately, Virgo will correct you. ?Aquarius, know when you have truly surrendered or have finished participating. ?Detachment and selfish isolation are not the same thing. ?Gemini, your mind is an incredible servant, but you must wait to sometimes perceive the big picture. ?Virgo New Moons can aid the air element to get out of their heads and begin to work on what they think is best to happen for the collective good.

Water Signs of Scorpio, Pisces & Cancer?work towards civilizing their instincts more towards trust and open hearted behaviors. ?Scorpio, you need to write a wish list before the Harvest Moon on October 5. ?Then, relax your suspicious spirits and expect all work itself out. ?Maybe its best to feel the reasons behind your relationships instead needing to logically know those reasons. ?Pisces, Virgo is your opposing sign, so the Virgin carries your shadow, that which you don’t want to see about yourself. ?Realize you can be just as critical, but possibly not as direct. ?With unifying Neptune in your sign, you have the universal green light to demonstrate discerning compassion, balanced and sweet. ?Cancer, your speech patterns and tones will underscore what your real intent is behind your communication, so come authentic or wait for time when your gut-brain is chill. ?Let your stomach be your guide, literally and figuratively.

Fire Signs of Sag, Aries & Leo see the pictures of possibilities inside their mind’s eye. ?Aries quick to act, Sag will inform and instruct while Leo makes a plan of what it would like to achieve. ?The self-worth of each of you will be tested for this lunar cycle. ?Sag, your worth is tied to what you actually produce for your chosen communities without multiple agendas where you’re hedging your bets. ?Use your Archer’s arrow to shoot straight. ?Aries needs to organize its physical spaces—car, office and home. ?Checking on one’s physical health is a good idea. ?Spend what the budget allows on a make over or increasing your wardrobe. ?Leo, please roar if you feel you’re not being appreciated, that’s a whole hell of a lot better than pouting or sulking. ?Save in one area of your life, so you may live it up in another…without guilt or shame. ?You don’t tend to either (unless depressed or allowing a belief system to repress your natural passions…)


Being the second most misunderstood sign after Scorpio, folk are often surprised at your astute analysis you have to offer on politics. ?You have little problem with the phrase, ‘the personal is political’ especially when it comes to your workplace and health care. ?You are likely to see your food, diet and health choices in a political light. ?Can anyone talk about a higher standard when it comes to preventive care more than you? ?I doubt it. ?This New Moon has a close associate to your sign, Vesta, involved.

Vesta who shines her hearth fires prominently in Virgo will have just moved into justice seeking Libra less than 48 hours before this New Moon. ?Our focus will be on equality and fairness. ?Expect more stories about Black Lives Matter, police brutality and injustices out of St. Louis, Oregon and elsewhere. ?North Korea will stay on our radar, as this nation has only been liberated from Japan for 72 years (which makes it as old as the United Nations). ?Both entities are Aries Morning Stars (impulsive and headstrong double warrior influence). ?This dynamic sets up a karmic relationship between the North Koreans and USA (Morning Star Scorpio). ?It is on the US (which has two states, California and Texas, more populous that North Korea) to lead in influencing the world, humbly and succinctly.

Virgo can quell these militant urges through reminding us the value of cleaning up the ego’s excesses. ?All nations are made up of individual egos. ?Virgo says we all must serve. ?Being the sign that follows Leo, it knows that ‘to rule (Leo) is to serve (Virgo)’.

Use this time of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, to forgive those who’ve hurt you. ?Remember that Virgo wants to make whole what has been compartmentalized, splinted and set adrift. ?Our current warrior Venus Star asks that we act from our hearts and submit to our private sense of duty born out of heartfelt belonging. ?Live out being the keeper of our brothers and sisters. ?The Good Samitarian was novel because at that time in history, neighboring nations did not get along…do you even know your own neighbors? ?It takes humility to reach out. ?This New Moon and Rosh Hashanah illuminate our spirits in this collective direction, no matter what you believe…and didn’t you hear, it is not required, but knowledge and action are.

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