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I?m writing this a scant four minutes after this eclipse (119 am CDT).? My partner said (who?s more the proverbial night owl), said, ?That?s why I should be blogging?.? I am capturing these moments.

In Kansas City, this eclipse brings Capricorn rising also known as your mask.? This mask begets order, creates rules, and manages the chaos.? Retrograde Saturn controls Capricorn so he is our guardian angel.? This devil is concerned with the details of our integrity.? Are you showing up as from an authentic position?? If you?re going to stand your ground is it valuable or is it a defensive posture from an inability to simply apologize?? Capricorn and Solar Eclipses demand that you take responsibility for your past actions.

Father of time aka Saturn/Cap also looks at the long game.? We must channel energies that can see past, present and future simultaneously.? To do this most effective we examine why the past is not being forgiven.? Then the future be anticipated with more joyous expectation.? And, wow, how can the now be enjoyed.? There is no reason for fearing the response of your spontaneous impulses.? Increase a willingness to go into your most intimate situations donning conciliatory tones and word choice.

Negatively, a retro Saturn in Scorpio can have you walking, dreaming and imagining a dark path because you have decided you can trust no one else (ala control freak, a duplicitous one at that).? Remember retrograde planets mean look inside for your answers.? A healthy Saturn knows that anything can be replaced, so selling your heart and soul for status and success brings very little long term. Seek unity of your soul and body.

Let?s do a little morality play in the guise of Donald Sterling.? This bad bedhead Donald can sell the LA Clippers at one of their peaks of their growth and success.? This eclipse of the spirit (Sun) indicates that the past comes to Earth and manifests in most unexpected ways.? Whatever happens to this paternalistic Don, the actions of the players (the Miami Heat joined the LA Clippers turning their practice jerseys inside out as a form of symbolic protest) illuminate that all institutions are being transformed (Pluto in Capricorn).? Pluto also connects to the wealthy.? Capricorn wrote the play entitled ?Fall from Grace?, coming to reality show near you.? Pluto in Capricorn makes sure that it is financed and has longevity on our spiritual Broadway.

Pluto rules Scorpio.? He is their guardian angel.? The Clippers did not wear their logo before the game four.? And, they sported black arm or wrist bands during this game on April 27, 2014.? One of Scorpio?s major color associations is black.? This dwarf planet rises in Capricorn and he sharing a 21st century bed with Saturn (it?s called ?mutual reception?).? That?s when two wanderers are in each other?s signs of ruler ship.? Saturn rules Capricorn where Pluto is currently living, and Saturn is in Scorpio where Pluto controls.

Kansas City and all of us, please, take the iconic words of Bette Davis to your heart of heart, that untouched heartfelt place, ?it?s going to be a bumpy ride?.? Tonight and for the next several months, that is until the next solar eclipse (October 23, 2014).? We are a week after Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Mr. Secrets Pluto created a grand cross in the skies.? While our sacred cows (SPORTS CREATE A CELEBRITY CLASS) get pushed over like adolescent males with too much energy in Middle America, know this:? the more collective importance we?ve put on anything outside ourselves is suspect, ripe for a change in foundation (or ownership).? And, the more said institution is out of balance from serving its original creative intent, the more it will be transformed.? Can a brother get a marriage equality shout out?

For the visually oriented the Sabian symbol for the ninth degree of Taurus is ?a fully decorated Christmas tree?.? A keynote reads, ?the ability to create happiness in the dark hours?.? Faith emanates through knowing the sun always rises in the east.? The moments before dawn can increase anxiety and sometimes derangement.? But, Taurus demands a realistic accounting of one?s past, particularly when it comes to wealth earned versus what is inherited (Scorpio opposes Taurus, and this water sign focuses what resources others ?give? us and why).? After all, what is the fundamental difference from a legacy admission and an affirmative action one?? ?Well, do not both speak to the work of their ancestors as making said difference?? If you think yes only, then you?ve fallen under an unequal equivalency spell cast so easily in these days where information flows freely, but wisdom lives in ice not subjected to little climate change.


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