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On Baba?s first birthday (July 21) Bryon and I walked around Westport.? After all, as my eight, count ?em eight, air planet partner said ?it?s the coolest day we?ve had in weeks?.? Seeing how he manages the temperature in our home, I concurred and left our tiger lair. On a Sunday, no less.? We even ran into a friendly fairy at Aquarius who quipped, ?are you walking for your health or did you miss the front door??? We had a hearty laugh. I replied, ?the former? We ended up at Hop Cat (in honor of Baba, our cat). The server told us this was his second job, how he worked weekends here in KC while his boyfriend went to medical school at UMKC.? A good time was had by all. At the end of our exceptional service I said to our server, ?Make love, not war?. If you hadn?t heard that phrase live and in context, it?s hippie and so, so very 60?s.


Venus (Love) aligns with the Sun and the Earth on August 14 in warm and loving Leo.? Mars (War) aligns with the Sun on September 2 in exacting and pragmatic Virgo. May Venus rule.? May our unwounded and unstruck hearts exhibit love to everyone we meet. An Evening Star Venus categorically states ?place others first?.? Treat everyone with the skill of an old soul lover. Let?s face it: the major power of a lover is being fully open to another aka romance.? Heart centered Leo treats everyone as a unique individual spirit upon which to shine. The Sun doesn?t decide to not shine on the parts of the world in which they disagree (Yes, I?ve decided the Sun is a not a royal ?We?, but a non-binary and inclusive ?They?).? I may not like the almost 80k that voted for President Cheeto, however, I?d shine on them in all my ?Black Jesus? glory cause I?ve been to the mountaintop wearing a Gandhi get up and my old soul Black ass have been on this blue green planet for far too long to allow a bunch of baby and young souls to be anywhere near my joy and/or reserve nerves!

Come from loving motives, I am all in.? Come from dominating or superior motive or behavior (without a ?safe word?), I?ll channel 1955 Rosa Parks in a New York minute.? Sunday I held the door for five people. Three blacks and two whites…guess who said ?Thank you?? The Blacks. I caught up to them and thanked them for saying ?thank you?.? 15 minutes later a white man held the bathroom door for me, as he walked through. Of course, it was at the Hop Cat. I choose to recognize where and how love operates in my life.? This may make the difference between a red or green light. In my case, higher or lower blood pressure, yeah, seriously. If I used my lawyer brain to assess every micro aggression, I?d be cray-cray AF.? Most times, I choose love. This August I am choosing love on overdrive. Like it or not, we are in a cold war for the soul of our nation. Hopefully, through choosing love we can keep the war cold, grow and mature as a unified nation, not a fractured one.? Cold, as in, objectively analyze our biases against those ?others?. Then, choose to evolve from a place of compassion and empathy.

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