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????? Venus means Love controls the atmosphere and our collective hearts.? Remember Venus connects us to our ?real? relationships through sharing frequencies with another? You may play the role of the innocent Fool, holy grail has been earned. Through trusting your balanced intuition you?ll know and feel which actions operate in the highest good for all, including yourself. These five creative hearts multiple your spoken intentions.? The law of attraction the world responds to you (Magician). Acting from passion and authenticity will illuminate a path that you?ll reflect upon as an auspicious start. The Goddess of Love, Joy and Beauty Venus blesses you today. Send a bit of this love to your future self, to increase your karmic assets.? You know how ?Mama said there?ll be days like this?…hello ?divide and conquer? Mars.

???? Venus days are those days you?ll want to listen to Mama in Her guise of higher self.? You?ll want to prove how blue-green can differ from teal, but you?ll discover somewhere in the middle of the disagreement that you?ve been talking to a colorblind person (usually a male who?s ?mansplaining).? Remember that Venus? energy is born from our Moon (family of origin/mother). You have the internal control system fully operational. Trust your gut rules supreme. You are Diana, Goddess of the Moon. You are feeling what others are feeling, choose your associates wisely today.? However, there is a dollop frustrated Mars in your Venus, my liege? Sometimes love after conflict is hotter than no conflict at all. Ever seen those couples and their dogs who appear just a bit too much alike? As one my favorite song lyrics go: ?Who?s right? Who?s Wrong?/When love is gone??? Venus wins today, maybe not with a royal flush but with at least a Full House.

???? Over analysis breeds paralysis.? There continues to be more love in the world, but it is lessening usually through indifference to the larger collective picture.? Venus is being besieged by a cuckold or withholding Mars. Soft passive aggressive male energy is in the vicinity, be careful. You may feel that you are beholding to someone.? Also, a life without inner reflection is rarely worth living. In this case a three heart day can easily slip down the proverbial slippery slope to a?

?? indicates a compulsion to see differences between you and others first. Mars separates and the God of war has many traveling companions such as strife and discord.? Often he operates through gaslighting you from being healthily skeptical to acidicly cynical. The open hearted innocence of the Fool, believing in the magic of the mighty word versus the sword is lost. ? Mars (masculine energy disvorced from unifying values aka Venus) begets ethical dilemmas. At what point does exaggeration become a lie? What happened to make you overly defensive? Are you carrying guilt about some past action, breach of an agreement or a simple power play to show dominance?? Check your motives for making a power play. If you do not stop to examine your motives you can begin to enjoy your isolation. This leads to the transactional relationships of the?

? Venus at Her lowest point.? You begin to not only believe that you deserve less love, pay or recognition, you take on the values of the larger society.? You internatize these negatives messages. You begin to act from a ?less than? worthy theme. Do you not feel special today? Do you need more self-care?? Withdrawing from the world can open up the doors to your unconscious to do the inner work and self-repair. Hopefully this can occur on a day where the heart with arrows (Mars symbol) is weaker too.? A mild form of a one heart Venus day sometimes breeds chronic codependency and an overly pleasing personality. Resentments are sure to be in the offering.

We are focusing on the love in the world.? Giving us something we can feel means keeping Mars at bay as much as possible.? Therefore, the lower number of Mars, the more joy we can experience with others.

??? The heart with an arrow running through it has been wounded.? Both hearts belong to Mars. We often become more compassionate to others after our hearts have been broken or wounded. It remains to be seen how much Venus can be applied in a healing manner to make the heart be whole again.? In emojis it would look like this ????. Love begets more love. Love endures all things, okay it?s biblical, as is ?God is love?. It would seem that it is easier to assert our will, individuality, self-interest, so I have chosen to see Mars in blocks of two hearts, one that is wounded and the other is broken.? In either case, the Martial hearts need a unifying vision, touch, word or feeling to get on with the business of loving.

Two Hearts on a Mars day indicates that we have come to the realization of how to sharpen our focus, to stand up for our individual rights and to assert our will.? Mars can in these lower number days, can be our defender of the weak and innocent. Where do you or others seek redemption? How can you act from a higher standard?? Are you open in correcting your actions if shown to be harmful to others?

????In Numerology, even numbers are yin (female) and odd numbers are yang (male).? In the interests of the ?Make Love, Not War? Calendar, I use five classifications for Venus (odd/male/transgender) and two, four and six hearts (even/yin/transgender) for Mars.? This Mars day will be full of microaggressions, news stories of toxic masculinity and those who exalt in making others feel less than so they can feel better. It is classic and expressive ?othering?.? On these days it is important to gather with those of like mind and heart, taking pride in who you are. You can feel the difference between those who use identity politics to be included and those who use it to create more division.? When these number of wounded hearts gather, they can easily troll on the internet, create hostile work environments and increase the swarm factor from men. Incles ?involuntary celibates? can come from these Mars days as well as anyone who uses one privilege while ignoring others (black men who treat women oppressively or white women who refuse to acknowledge a connection to women of color).? Venus demands we need more recognition of where our lines of unity fall and intersect. If not, we get the worse case scenarios found in the following martial days:

???????? We can only make war (Mars) when we suppress love (Venus).? Until our collective societies mature enough to see unity first, we are destined to have more war on this planet.? I write this because of the upcoming Sun/Mars/Earth alignment on September 2 in Virgo. We are building up to a ?last ditch? effort to maintain the dominant/submissive archetype that been active for the past two thousand years of the Pisces Age.? Ages last approximately 2,160 years. They include their complimentary/opposite signs. They proceed backwards in the zodiac, so we are going into the Aquarian/Leo Age which each awakened individual (Leo) must choose to participate in their society (Aquarius).? The images from Puerto Rico demonstrate what happens when on a full Mars day. The greedy governor thought very little for his people and they joined forces (Venus) to remove him (Mars). Sometimes having less lose (Venus) incites folx to action (Mars). On an individual level on these warlike days, it is best to stay home if there is really violence, abuse or potential assault.? Unless you are in group and trained, non-violence response is not advised. You must choose to use your intuition of which arguments are worth entering into. If Mars is strong enough (and today it is), your love must be shared with those who can receive it or kept within.

Imagine how the energies present on an eight Mars day and a one Venus one?

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