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Mercury & Neptune in Late Pisces

Updated: Mar 10

Mercury and Neptune join forces today in late Pisces. Imagination is intentional---literally reality creating. It is important to allow your vision, image making and sensitivity to all of the invisible forces that surround you to enter into the flow. Simply setting an inclusive intention opens multiple dimensions and portals.

There are so many forces in the universe right now that are conspiring for us to retreat, reflect and contemplate upon the nature of our existence. Too many times we fill up our lives with so many distractions. 

With a new moon in Pisces on the horizon this Sunday as we Turn our clocks forward 1 hour, allowing this weekend to remind us of the importance of and fluidity of time.  Mercury moves into Aries tomorrow evening at approximately 10 p.m. Central Standard Time. Because of Mercury's retrograde cycle from April 1st through April 25th, he will spend 10 weeks in the sign of Aries. Therefore, we have an excellent opportunity to act upon our authentic intelligence and vision in each successive present moment. I believe the Buddhists call this living ‘moment to moment’.. In some healing circles we informally refer to this as " one day at a time”.

If you'd like a personal  interpretation of how this Mercury retrograde in areas will affect you, please reach out. you may subscribe to this channel or to my website at

And as always, Happy Venus Friday!

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