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Moving From Ice-Olation to Joy--53 Hours of Venus Ends Today at 3.41pm CDT

As these Venus hours wane, you may have had unexpected conflict with your closest others. You may even think, 'Quan, wtf? I thought you said this was about love and harmony, Ms. Venus was!?' Well, She is. However when we think 'love', we often go to sunsets and walks in the park. Love is about courageous personal self expression--Venus can demonstrate where love does NOT exist or where it is superficial and transactional.

Use today to imagine a heartbreak you've had--interperpersonal, career, family or disappointment within.

Today's Contemplation

Breathe into this pain deeply. Place your dominant hand over your heart. Then, ask the Goddess of Equilibrium to balance this pain with some joy. Imagine listening to your favorite tune or engaging in a cherished activity--still breathing deeply? If not, start all over. Add the affirmation that universe exists in harmonic states of which I play an individual part. Set your intentions on reciprocity, harmony and equilibrium.

(Week Nine of ORM)

Now, go out and enjoy your day. Know that to attract harmonious atmospheres is a birthright...

at's Babatunde (a Venusian representative with all purpose garden soil). The two hearts are Picture Jasper. They offer a powerful grounding energy that promotes connection to the earth. Some view this stone as a direct message from the Earth itself, instilling a sense of proportion (Golden Ratio is Venusian) , bringing comfort, alleviating fear and cultivating harmony. Hello, Venus. Brava!

What are you planting today? How are your four legged family members a stark reminder of joy & life's purpose?

Happy Venus Friday 💖!

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