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My Guidelines For This Redesigned Website

Updated: Jun 25

My Guidelines for All My Readings/Sessions:

  1. Release the use of the word and concept of ‘irrational’. Usually  this word choice is used in a judgemental way. Please use ‘transrational’ instead. 

  2. ‘Trans’ as a prefix means across or beyond. 

  3. Transrational indicates you've analyzed and accessed your logic or left hemisphere energy. You're choosing to include other factors in your decision making (like getting a reading in the first place).

  4. ‘All Symbols Matter’ pays rapt attention to the feelings, images and gut reactions while in a reading or listening to the recording afterwards.

  5. In an ideal world aka ‘My Wishlist’ everyone who uses the services of Belief Is Not Required (BINR) call ‘Readings'---'Sessions’. 

  6. A Session implies an open atmosphere where harmony is created by all parties; a Reading implies a one sided assessment. 

  7. Realize all tools use & are used by me---including, but not limited to--Astrology (Western & Chinese), Numerology, I Ching, Mediation, Gene Keys, Birth Order, Feng Shui, Human Design & most importantly---random & spontaneous emanations from the Invisible Entourage.

  8. Our Raw Material (ORM) is intimately woven into my work. Follow this link to learn more

What Is Your Concept of Intuition or Psychic Readings/Sessions?

Our intuition aka ‘women's intuition’ is found primarily in our right hemisphere of our brains. Seeing whole pictures beyond linear time and space--its source is the connection and relationships between us all. It defies (and often frustrates) our rational thoughts located in our left hemisphere of our brains. 

How the concept of ‘women's intuition’ connects to me occurs through a realization that Quan Yin was a male God (Avalokiteshvara) in other parts of the Asian belief system and countries. However, when China imported Kuan, the qualities of mercy and compassion were determined to be ‘yin’ or ‘feminine’. After all, it's Quan Yin, not ‘Quan Yang’! Nearly three quarters of my clients and students are women or non-binary. 

Now, I maintain that this ‘waiting’ for all sentient beings to reach Nirvana is a relic of the outgoing Pisces Age. As the tides turn from the Pisces Age to Aquarius Age, the concept of ‘original sin’ albeit Christian can easily have us ‘constantly seeking a savior’. Here at BINR--it is strongly suggested that you ‘constantly seek your inner truth’. All services center upon your incessant loyalty to this. There's no waiting to enter heaven, Nirvana or an ‘afterlife’. The Aquarian Age (as The Water Bearer) categorically states-- carry water for yourself and your higher (deeper & inclusive) ideals for all humanity. 

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