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When the fall equinox occurs and Libra begins, we are initiated into relationships outside of ourselves (especially those we chose outside of our families).? No longer can we just be about our own desires, needs or feelings.? Libra is the ‘we are’ to the Aries’ ‘I am’.? Those who do not look beyond themselves do not truly experience love, they experience a mutual using of the ‘other’, along with all of the baggage that this act entails.

Before this Libran New Moon Jupiter will have just finished his year’s trek through Libra on October 10.? Wherever Jupiter goes, we want to expand life’s meaning.? What have you learned about yourself reflected through your relationships?? Do you feel as if you have more quality love?? Or has there been excesses, like too much shopping, eating, socializing, etc.?

Know this:? what was allowed or overlooked in Libra will be brought to the surface for rapt emotional analysis in Scorpio.? Libra seeks mediation, while Scorpio seeks transformation.? With ‘to be alive is to be burning’ Pluto at the Capricorn Ascendant in KC MO, the heat of transformation is on.? We know what is inherently right and wrong, to continue to not ‘do the right thing’ will become increasingly more difficult in the days ahead.? You cannot have the intimacy with like minded others, when do not speak up and challenge outmoded ways of seeing and treating those ‘others’.

It begins in how you communicate to each other.? Whereas Libra is learning diplomacy, it can sometimes forget the iron fist in the velvet glove, too much softness and willingness to please, as it were. That ‘Midwestern Nice’ can be akin to duplicity or the ‘Southern Charm’ can be cover up for precisely how those ‘others’ (Libra) really make you feel on the inside (Scorpio).

?This New Moon exact on Thursday, October 19 at 2:11 pm CDT has our reasoning mind and intuitive spirit combining in psychologically probing Scorpio. The iron fist will be placed within the velvet glove, therefore bringing a more profound balance in your closest relationships.?

Resentments built over the past 12 months and suppressed intensely last spring will come bursting through.? It is important to know that too much suppression of your own individual spirit (Aries) causes the relationship to become imbalanced (Libra).

Revolutionary and truth seeker Uranus opposes this Sun/Moon pairing in people pleasing Libra.? Our relationships desire truth within the context of reflecting upon those disowned parts in ourselves that show up in others.? Hurt?? Tend to withdraw?? Passive aggressive silent treatment?? These are shadowy tendencies of each of the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius (in that order of how much they use these tactics).? Refusing to ‘air it out’ or to speak with a cold and isolating detachment is not helpful.

The fire signs warm and connect authentically.? With our life’s direction shown through the North Node in Leo, ‘it’s all heart, all the time‘ (or at the very least knowing when to apply the heart’s empathetic qualities to life’s boo-boos).? Helping us heat up the zodiac’s most neutral sign (Libra) is Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.? When we look to what has given our lives meaning (Sag Saturn) over the past three years, how can you focus upon your future goals with an immediate confidence that you can succeed through individual effort and teamwork (Aries Uranus)?

Contemplative Points

Deepening intimacy:? how and where?

Strengthening the hemispheres of your brain:? how can I listen to the messages I receive that defy logic, tradition and imprinting?

Is there power in my vulnerabilities?? How do I make time to look for the source of the alleged weakness?

In the New Moon chart for KC MO, Pluto is rising in Capricorn.? Expect whistle blowers in our governmental agencies and legislatures.? In your personal life, your own cover can be blown through secret behaviors that have taken you out of integrity.? However, if you have been tending to your own character, you’ll know what and who is worth defending (or not).

Feel free to tell me your rising, Sun and Moon signs in the comments section for a message about what this New Moon can manifest for you.


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