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Nia/Purpose Kwanzaa Day 6 Mercury in Stationary Motion in Intentional Sagittarius ♐️

It is enjoyable to recognize when you're in a flow, yes? As each ocean accepts each river, when your daily chores are aligned to a higher/deeper/inclusive vision, you relax.

Today's Nia shines an iridescent light on how to show up for yourself and your loved ones. Choosing to accumulate experiences instead of things is an excellent start. Activate an intention of the poet. Poets transcend the structure of language itself.

Purpose-filled living of each sign

Capricorn ♑️ recognizes that individual success means little without someone with which to share it.

Aquarius ♒️ knows more when they admit to themselves not only what is not known, but moves beyond an over reliance upon logic.

Pisces ♓️ believes in the invisible worlds in direct proportion to how aware they allow themselves to recognize the physical dimension and its limitations.

Aries ♈️ has a purposeful drive to act that often must be balanced to a need to be (a sorta like sativa versus indica strains of marijuana 🤔).

Taurus ♉️ embodies physical beauty but loses purposeful direction through attaching more significance on appearances in lieu of psychological reflection.

A major purpose of Gemini ♊️ is to reunite (shades of Umoja/Unity) what their minds have separated into a soulful wholeness (there's gold/joy in them there hills! 😆)

Cancer ♋️ lives for meaningful moments with loved ones, but their purpose is know how to live without having others dependent upon them.

Leo ♌️ has purposeful audience awareness, for sure. However, these radiant folx must shine without pandering to others.

If there's nothing or no one to critique, what is the purpose of Virgo ♍️? To show up moment to moment in order to discern when to fix and when not to fix.

Libra ♎️ seeks to balance others and their surroundings. Yet, their real purpose is to seek equilibrium inside first. If there is a lot of discussion, then trust their shadow has been ignored.

Scorpio ♏️ can secretly feel superior aka deeper than others when they believe their major purpose is to recognize and point out everyone else's darkness. Maddening and repelling, no?

Sagittarius ♐️ is the royal family use of the collective 'we' (often not being amused). Typically separating and casting shade when their (un) solicited advice is rejected.

Let's live like poets in a creative wilderness of our own making. We have Nia/Purpose simply because we exist within our chosen communities, yes?!

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