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July 22, 2018 ?we move from an intense Moon in Scorpio which almost seems redundant given the nature of the scorpion. ?However, know this each of the fixed, middle of the season signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are intense, that is, given to purest extreme tendencies. ?By their nature they can hide their inner motivations and desires better than the other eight signs (those who lead the season, the initiators—Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn or those who adapt like their seasons—Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Our individual spirit, the Sun, moves from Cancer (watery soul psychic empathic) into Leo (fiery spirit intuitive active) on the Sun?s day at 4pm CDT 21 July 18. ?The Moon our reflection upon the past and how we feel about ourselves leaves Scorpio (watery psychological interpersonal history keeper) into Sagittarius (fiery expansive seeker) at 5.12am. ?Of the Moon would be ahead of the Sun. Point? Leave your history behind. Alight your soul?s past with an illuminating spirit. Move into your future, especially while it seems as if our entire society is retrogressing.

Gotta get back to the imagined past. ?Gotta look at the traditional gender roles from the Greatest Generation. ?Gotta look to the delusion of the Baby Boomers. Free love? No such thing. ?Narcissistic meanderings. But, of course. How does Grey Poupon and Calgon work together? ?A certain level of connection and expectation merges with you gotta get away. Gotta be honest about what is or is not going on with your relationships, all of them.

Mars is in retrograde until August 27. ?In idealistic and progressive Aquarius, we are being chided to look back at our bowing to group think, keeping up with the Joneses, political factions and making everyone an ?other?. ?Mercury retrograde (as in looking back to review) in ?fake until you make it? Leo can have you appearing that ?you got this? when you don?t even know yourself. The confidence comes from within. ?Know your audience, but no pandering to them.

Retrogressive South Node (collective past symbol) runs with Mars in Aquarius. ?Toxic masculinity and rate the amount of love received from close folk is a shadow of this stubborn air sign that can parrot the script of a mind fucker sociopath easier than the other 11 circle jerk of animals also known as the ?zodiac?. ?Aquarius boasts more US presidents, behind the scene kooks like Dick Cheney or outright grifters like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. The God of War in the sign of mob thinking spends almost five months in Aquarius. He won?t leave until November 15.

Cuban Missile Crisis (modern day apocalypse, almost), this time is a mind fuck not a nuclear one. ?However, seven Venus cycles later, here we are facing the end of the world (Venus returns to her phase of Morning or Evening Star about three degrees away every eight years, this is the Venus Star Point).. ?Both Presidents Kennedy and Trump were born under the duplicitous and adaptable air sign of Gemini. Venus? esoteric ruler, as in soul ruler.. What is taken apart must be put back together, our minds must connect to our soul. ?Our souls carry our individual and collective histories. That?s what is the soul mission of Venus when she is in Gemini.

JFK had an Evening Star Taurus with Venus in Gemini (conjunct his Sun/ego/identity). His Taurus Star creatively fed Khrushchev Morning Star in Aquarius. ?Current US President Evening Star in Aquarius is in a karmic evolutionary connection to Putin?s Evening Star in Cancer. An abstract traditionalist, wanting to return to the glory days of an unified and powerful Soviet Union, that?s how this translates. ?Putin, like the Cancer stars, creates home and a sense of belonging to the ?I fit nowhere? or ?I am an alien? Aquarian Stars. To Trump, Putin feels like home. While this Russian desires America?s light and spirit (Sun in Cancer conjunct his Venus Star). ?I will not breathe easy about the state of our world affairs until the Winter Solstice of 2018 (once Venus has gone direct, November 16 and left her shadow, Dec 19).

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