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Your birthright to shine comes through the Sun, after all, it is called our solar system.? Until 1930, Saturn was the major general of responsibility, effort and work.? As Father Time (Roman: Cronos, chronological), he also charted our days till we die (think: scythe).

When these our light and dark are opposing each other, we are learning to balance our vision with reality, idealist with pragmatist.? In the axis of responsibility Cancer and Capricorn, we are asked to look to the past where love was overflowing in a nurturing manner with what our professional roles require of us.? (Think of Tom Hanks as manager (Capricorn) in A League of Their Own, said to the single mom (Cancer), “There’s no crying in baseball!”)

We are learning to integrate our private and public lives.? With a stationary Mars, we may feel stalled, replaying our past errors, reliving regrets.? It is important to realize that we are not destined to repeat the mistakes and unconsciousness of our fore-parents (read: little to no political correctness, being ‘woke’ or having a conversation about the ‘other’) We can heal our past through a conscious and healthy examination of it.? No excuses.? No defensiveness.? No fragility.? After all, Cancer and Capricorn, no matter how traditional and tied to the past, are cardinal, initiating signs that respond to the needs of the present moment.? Not aware of your past destined to repeat it, yada, yada, yada.? Might not like that statement or think it’s worn out and tired, but nonetheless, it is true.? Ask those refugees on our southern border.

This Full Moon also carries the Moon (nurturing instincts/subconscious) conjunct Saturn (judge/father/physical limitations of time and space) in grounding Capricorn.? Our judgements must be tempered with compassion and mercy.


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