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Numbers, Stars & Cards---Scorpio Paying It Forward (PIF) Sixes

Numbers---your date of birth.

Stars/Planetary Connections common to All Scorpio folx:

Mars and Pluto runs yourSelf.

Venus makes your relationship.

Saturn and Uranus harbor the development of your soul.

Sun greets you at work.

Paying It Forward (PIF) combines all three through using powerful Tarot Symbolism.

Let's begin with Scorpio PIF Sixes

Please read featured post for add'l background knowledge on this fascinating new system.

Scorpio Paying It Forward (PIF) Sixes (October 24, November 6, 15) As a Scorpio PIF Six, your Sun sign can keep you in a brittle cold world of your own making but the karmic paths in Numerology and Tarot demand an openness to peace and harmony as more than just ideals. When you come from your generous soul, you warm, shine and reflect the best of humanity in almost every gesture and movement. You move from grace under pressure to grace in motion. There is an irrepressible joy that emanates from you as you increase your reliance upon the Invisible Entourage (ancestors, spirit guides, saints, etc.). As you live for the enjoyment you bring to those closest to you, your life simplifies. You will demonstrate a more efficient way of living, but rarely will you become an offensive know-it-all. We will hear your intent to resolve whatever ills or wrongs you see. If you see it, then it is your responsibility to apprise us. When you speak from your detailed heart dancing on both sides of your brain, there are few who will not follow you. Risk being called an idealistic visionary, please.

When you are aware of how the intuitive and inventive Tarot operates along with your Power Date and Sun sign,

You can become and Paying It Forward (PIF) with

The Devil aka The Provocateur. 'All our problems, so says the repressed folk, could be solved once we get rid of you'. Unlike your Cancer water element sibling, you have to provoke to get the situation or another to be on a feeling level. Once you have them reacting from their reptilian self, you are in control. Is this behavior worth it? How can you heal your own wounds. Unwind your rigid positions based upon half-truths accepted in early childhood. As a Scorpio PIF Six your best gifts are found in your ability to share yourself freely and lovingly. With too much calculation comes dryness, inflammation and rejection. Your heart beams with the light of one thousand Suns. The clouds are your replaying the negative experiences that are not destined to keep repeating themselves. Remove those shackles (or have someone else do it for you---with a safe word or two, ok?) Those who want to keep the status quo become uncomfortable in your presence. You are blamed for things not even your fault. You learn to live with it. But why should you? Emma Stone, Ethan Hawke

The Lovers aka The Screen that is projected upon to play roles. There’s adaptable, then there’s adaptable. Saying ‘yes’ when your gut says ‘no’ is a mind game that you’re the one who’s more likely to get hurt. As a concentrated water sign, pain gets lodged and frozen much like bug in tree amber. Stuck in the past is not a good look on anyone, but especially not you. Get out of your mind! It's a heart expression or nothing. Imagine you’re on an emotional battlefield. Your heart/gut must be in control. There is no time to build consensus of all your different voices. Keep it simple. Make like a Taurus PIF Eight or Nine, see the big picture and act accordingly. Be whatever the other person wants as long as they keep the intimacy coming. Once their attention fades, so does your interest in looking for the next 'lover'. You have nothing to prove. Easy is right, fighting is not. Leave the Devil's mask and show your authentic self and The Lovers can then be free to create a mutual exchange of compatible energies, not roles to be played and shed after the stage light has been turned off. Drake

The Moon aka The Caretaker of Strays. You’re the person who implicitly trusts her instincts as married to her soul. You witness your honest evolution like a scholar studying her favorite subject in rapt detail. You grow up to forgive the most horrible offenses from your family and close mates. You teach others how to let go and get on with life. You live that proper mix between concern and detachment. However, when you consistently choose ppl who do not have their lives ‘together’, you may not want to receive from them. You want to feel superior (and carry secret resentments about how much you give). Keep some of that caretaking energy for yourself. Pamper yourself. Take yourself out on an ideal date, then train others humans on how you want to be treated and nurtured. Monica, Aaron Hernandez

The Hermit aka The Loner. Although you have no lack of potential partnerships, you can be highly discerning once your early childhood needs are cleared up. Facing your shadows keeps you out of abusive partnerships---staying longer than necessary. Enjoying your own company maintains your ability to locate security from within. There is very little wrong that can be had in using your creative spirit in your chosen career or vocation. You want both the intimate and the success, private and public life. You meet family 'replacements' through your work, and especially if you consider it to be your vocation. You stay single until you meet someone who either acts as a satellite to your ambitions or has their own drive that does not interfere. These individuals exist, yes. Ed Asner (Lou Grant), B.o.B.

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