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Pangry: Passions During a Pandemic…Venus Star Days

Ok, Boomer, new words and learning languages is supposed to keep the brain worries away. As CeeLo Green sings in ‘Crazy’ something about losing his mind because he knew too much. ‘Pangry’ is this new word. Pandemic + angry = pangry. Think lockdown and simmering passions. Imagine your head and four limbs. A Venus Star day begins with some good reflective head(s). Like our head on top of our bodies, you cannot separate the head from the body without doing harm. The Venus Star (imagine DaVinci’s Vitruvius Man, VMan, for short) symbolizes our spiritual and soulful interconnectedness. It is beyond time to get beyond ‘What’s your sign?’

Next questions are:

  1. What’s a Venus Star Day?

  2. Where is the Moon today?

  3. Are you morning or Evening?

I’m only covering the first one…in honor of keeping it simple. Aries Moon (today at 3.21pm to 11.45pm on Saturday) Aries likes to go first. Presently, we are pangry. Venus Star will calm, soothe and heal us. I name these times a Venus Star Day(s). You are either the head, being given to creatively (like water feeds wood) or controllingly (like metal cuts down wood). You could be tethered to the ground to grow (earth building banks to keep water flowing, but overflowing) or consciously giving to others to keep yourself grounded (fire melting metal). The former are the arms on our VMan, the latter represents his feet.

Please Pause & Ponder Example take our Presidential Candidates. Former VP Biden would best use this upcoming Venus Star Days (VSD) in Aries allowing for a groundswell of support to boost his confidence in moving towards more pioneering and progressive aims (Aries inspiring Scorpio). Risk is like eating breakfast for Aries VMan. They thrive on improvisation. A VSD in Aries offers creative support to President Trump’s large picture visions (Aries to Aquarius). While Aries and Scorpio are both mars ruled yang and yin, Aries and Aquaruis are both yang. Aries can be too ‘in the moment’, not thinking about consequences. With this President’s Venus Star as Evening (other directed) in Aquarius (mob/group mentality), you can see how he easily jumps to using conspiracy theories and tactics toward violence. Too. Much. Yang. S#$t, Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ is stuck on a loop. Shadowy yang energy says one thing and does another. Its independence from the facts and when focused from a narcissist, there’s little capacity for reflection. Isn’t it ironic that Narcissus was enamored by his reflection, and narcissists are not inwardly reflective? Expect more of the ‘one note samba’ of positive ambiguity (Aries with shades of Libra). Positive ambiguity is vagueness to please, gaslight or at its worse to deliberately cause conflict. Saturday afternoon and night ought to prove to be more violent than usual. VP Pence has the same Evening Scorpio Star as the former Vice-President. However, he has a yang Sun in duplicitous Gemini and yang Mars in Leo. His landing will become increasingly harsh, staying away from the bright lights of truthful disinfectant. Watch him be sent to clean up some backwater mess behind the scenes. By the next VSD in Gemini (9.8 @ 4.28p CDT), he’ll be backpedaling and covering others’ asses. Senator Harris has the best astrological support because the VSD in Aries she gets to show off her independent spirit authentically and directly. This Venus Star and Moon feeds her soul. As long as she presents as confident and not arrogant, she will be cool. Yet, a warning her yang Libra Sun is learning the balance between ideals and reality, soul and ego, female and male. The good news is that Gemini (Harris’s Rising and Venus Star) creatively support Aries much like wood (community driven) feeds fire (enthusiasm & inspiration). Conclusion: the Venus Star Days are a new concept. As with any new vision, give yourself time to pause, ponder and reflect. You are more than your Sun sign. We are more than individuals using this ancient language and art to only be concerned about ourselves. To lessens the pangry feels, we must learn to see and live as if we are in this together, because we are. The more pangry you are, the more you believe the illusion that you’re either in this alone, are alone or worse you’ve built it yourself and you’re superior to others.

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