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Responsibility and Freedom at the Crossroads: Full Moon in Leo Sunday February 5, 2023

Let's review the past week, shall we? If didn't watch the video attached, let me tell you that in the first time in more than two decades I wrote this blog & simply became distracted & didn't post it.

These last days of Taskmaster & Daddy Saturn (also sometimes Grandmother too or any parent that plays both roles) in his home sign of Aquarius have been testing our integrity, for sure! Have you been selling your soul to be liked? What's your price at which you can be bought? How have you been self-sabotaging, procrastinating---forgetting to stay on task through aligning with your intentions?

As my Louisiana grandfather used to say---"I may be a day late, but not a dollar short". Imagine the next several weeks that you are chef & your life is gumbo. Add some ingredients that are not a part of your regular recipe---aka 'silo busting'. Break with your regular routines.

I enjoy the intersection of Leo and Aquarius. The ‘I will’ integrates with ‘I know’. Individual effort combines with actual teamwork. Eros and agape merge in beautifully unpredictable ways. Leo leads the individual effort of our egos and its feelings. Aquarius steps back and coolly determines what didn’t work in the past to make a better future for all.

This Full Moon has Uranus at its focal point in Taurus. Time for the earth to quake. Expect the Tower to break down any and all foundations of your life not built upon solid ground. Henny Penny, I am not. The sky is not about to fall. It is your inner structures that need tending to…

Responsibility differs from accountability. Peep this, you don’t react to those things outside of your control. Instead respond. Take a breath. Realize what and who truly matters. Uranus in Taurus rings a loud bell in our hearts and minds with the message---’do you really know yourself? The empty space between Taurus (Uranus), Leo (Moon) and Sun (Leo) is Scorpio. We’ve been limping around without deepening our social bonds. These bonds are based on an intense need and choice to get to the bottom of things---our comforts and our motivations behind all of life’s comforts---food, sex, affection, work/security from it, etc.

Realizing this Uranus in Taurus 7 year cycle sets up the breaking down of everything in our lives that represents impermanence…think Buddhist ‘the only thing that is permanent is change.’

As our collective irresistible force meets immovable objects---something has to give.

It is our ability to recognize where we can be a bit psychotic. Doing the same thing expecting different results (one definition of insanity)...however, we’ve spent the last 14 years having every institution being transformed. Government, courts, presidencies, wars, marriage and family. Can you name an institution that hasn’t had some scandal attached to it that you haven’t inwardly connected to and questioned your allegiance to it? Our truth exists within. That’s a major lesson of this Full Moon in Leo. Loyalty must be paid to our individual truths first and foremost.

It’s that old school joint (Isley Brothers is my personal favorite) of ‘It’s your thang/do what you wanna do/(that’s responsibility/hello, Leo), but I do not consent to your thang, I can't tell you who to sock it too then you’re accountable (let’s look to the wrong/hello, Aquarius). We need both, along with Uranus in Taurus awakening us to the individuality of everyone’s freedom and the wholeness of accepting and allowing them their choices. It is all a choice (period).

That’s why I have been so Stevie Wonder overjoyed by Our Raw Material and its substudy of AstrORM (Astrology & Our Raw Material). As we move from Listening to Values & Ideals in Our Raw Material (ORM), we can begin to see the joy of independent living within our chosen tribes. The integration of the Leo expressiveness and all their personal dramas fuels the heady Aquarian who seeks to balance the past, present and potential futures in a collective stew that everyone enjoys partaking in.

Be warned, though, that Loving Venus is squaring Warrior Mars. Align your receptive and empathic sides to your need to label, even call out incompatible values and personal truths. As long as you don’t react from the ‘how dare they?!’ Leo, energy of superiority and personal dignity, Mars won’t be too harsh in his judgements. If you feel you’ve been taken advantage of or underappreciated, what do you get out of the ‘good person’ image? Might be best to walk away and have the challenging conversations later when we reach Pisces in a couple of weeks. This Aquarius time with Saturn in those later degrees can be only concerned about factual truths from the intellect---cold and unfeeling. You may want an emotional mediator that offers the whole story like a rich conversation, not an email, text or DM from a trolling social media app. Authentic listening from the heart is from the oldest school possible---our open hearts!

Let the Evening Star of Venus in Libra (October 22, 2022 to August 13, 2023) give you a motivation to equalize your personal passions from the past to present to future.

Try these tunes on for size:

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