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Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Our foreparents thought eclipses were bad, symbolizing foreboding events. Well, the priests/politicians of the day used these events to often get the laypeople to do things for the nobles and other learned individuals to do their bidding. Not. Much. Has. Changed.

This eclipse will not be seen because it occurs during the daytime.

Lunar Eclipses occur only at Full Moons. When the past (collective, personal, cultural) is blocked by the Earth, we have to stay present and look to offering our whole spirit based on true light and sharing. Our Sun shows the way to growth and real co-existence. Through asking ‘why am I here?’, ‘where can I shine?’ and ‘what examples do I want to model?’, we can do any Lunar Eclipse a solid.

Gemini gathers facts like any detective, journalist or lawyer. Sagittarius gives cultural, religious or spiritual meaning to these facts. Higher and lower mind, abstract and reality, aspirational and grounded, these are relative points of reference, not better or worse. Without inspiration and the belief in possibilities from Sag, we’d still be sitting around a campfire telling the same story over and over again. Without a fact checker or two, we’d be believing everything a supposedly ‘blessed’ or ‘learned’ individual had to say. We need both, the vision and the investigator.

This particular eclipse has Mars at a challenging 90 degree angle to the Full Moon. Warrior energy in Pisces doesn’t sound like an easy fit. It is not. Pisces runs on belief, faith and ‘you never know’. We need Gemini to stay close to what actually happened. We need Sagittarius to create the space for everyone to be heard, and if not, to have the humor to recognize how to be detached. The empty space in this planetary three legged table is Virgo, efficient, humble servant. Technical, grounded, showing love through acts of kindness, that’s the friendly (but exacting) Virgin. Get it twisted at your own peril, these late August and early September thrive on getting the job done as best they can. If they half ass a job, ask yourself what did you do to piss them off?

No easy answers are forthcoming. Warrior Venus Star in Gemini on June 3, Mercury’s slowing down to go retrograde in Cancer on June 18 and Neptune to follow on the 22nd in Pisces. We’ve got a mental melee where the battle between higher inclusive living and lower divisive thinking is full on! As an adaptable yang/masculine/extroverted fire and air axis, Gemini/Sagittarius can teach through separating, goading, and their favorites ‘lying by omission’ or ‘fish story exaggerating’. Gaslighting is also a favorite habit too.

Eclipses require we break old habits. Lunar Eclipses demand leaving your past attachments behind. Sag Moons are attached to ancestral, cultural or religious superiority. Venus bridges and unifies. Retrograde and in Gemini, her reminder is ‘Do not take anything or anyone apart that you cannot see how to put back together’. Pride go before a fall, Humpty Dumpty.

Anger, misdirected will not continue to be tolerated from this eclipse’s view. Loving and ‘let’s come together/right now’ Neptune is involved, softening aggressive Mars and elevating Venus. Mercury in Cancer can demonstrate a way to treat everyone as family. As many towns as American consciousness needs an enema, Mercury will provide the historical backdrop, a tendency to be tribal. Yet, in cosmic wisdom we have until August 4/5 before the trickster non binary Mercury will go into Leo. Venus follows into Cancer on August 7. A best case scenario, have those ‘come to Jesus talks’ with your family you don’t like to see on Thanksgiving whom you suspect wear red hats (or are sympathetic), then August won’t be as challenging. It’s no longer acceptable for people of color to continue to teach you cousins, dads, moms and grandparents. When we enter the conversation we literally (and figuratively) change the atmosphere, the color and tone of it. This is your job, if you want to add ally to your cultural resume.

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