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Saturn Daddy Government--June 19, 1865

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Saturn takes approximately 29 years to go around the Sun. Called 'the Saturn Return' it is a sobering time of paying attention to our aging process. While our astrological language tends to focus upon individual development, countries can go through trials and tribulations of the maturation process.

Unless you're an 'all lives matters' and/or allergic to facts, the USA was founded upon faulty foundations of freedom and liberty for all. Three Saturn returns later (1776 + 87 = 1863)--there had to be a 'come to Jesus' meeting around her enslaved humans.

At 29 to 30 years old all beings come to a reckoning aka 'come to Jesus'. What hypocritical duplicity that was overlooked during the Revolutionary War against the British monarchy could not continuously be done so.

Also, Neptune was discovered in 1846. This boundaryless energy began an opening in our collective souls. Reforming religions, spiritualism and a healthy dose of compassion were offered as alternative realities. No longer could a whole group of people be considered as subhuman, as property. America's speed of becoming a world power is directly related to the wealth slaves created.


Here we were at the Civil War and Saturn as Mr. Health Inspector in the sign of Libra. Social justice, ideals and peace are central to Libra's agenda. Ideally, slaves in the North were free, but the rebellious and traitorous Southern states did not heed this proclamation. Even though 2.5 years had passed before every slave were free (reality v ideal), Saturn was in Libra balancing what was clearly out of balance for the time from Jan 1 1863 to June 19 1865.

The Emacipation Proclamation (EP) chart has an alignment of Mercury (thought), Venus (equilibrium/harmony) & Sun (consciousness) in Capricorn. Although this was an executive order, remember that Juneteenth began in the same manner last year. Capricorn is a sign that instituonalizes the collective feelings of individuals found in its complimentary sign of Cancer. What we feel becomes law--but that doesn't automatically translate in our stubborn tribal hearts (can we talk about Reconstrution, Jim Crow & systematic racism?).

Juneteenth, however, has the Sun and forward thinking and collectively driven Uranus aligned together in human oriented Gemini. As a sibling sign of the Twins, reality was brother fighting brother. Neptune could offer inspiration as we applied 'you are your brother's keeper' and 'love your neighbor as yourself'. Even 150 plus years later, we haven't fully manifested ideal as a value.

How can you in your daily life live and love more? What do you think when you see an 'other'--be they gay, queer, black, POC, Trans, female? Fear and restraint? Inclusiveness and acceptance? Do you admit to yourself that you are close ignorant about their experiences?

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