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Setting Intentions/Sagittarius--Are You Like The North Wind or Sun? Doing or Being?

Being versus Doing had been brilliantly shown in the Aesop's fable of the North Wind.

What had happened was…a man was ambling on a beach wearing his coat. He captured the notice of the Sun and North wind (probably because he was wearing a coat on the beach!). But, I digress. Each wanted to get the man to take off his coat.

North Wind thought he could do this before the Sun. He did what winds do--he blew. The man pulled his coat even closer to himself. The Sun came out from the clouds and shined brightly. He radiated his warming rays. The man took off his coat.

Our intentions act like this fable...

The more we do--either through our intellectual nature--we have others closing off from even our best intentions (you're familiar with that road to hell, yes?). However, when we set our intentions and trust in the benevolence of the source of set intentions, there is no road to hell aka suffering. There's our soul radiating in Wholeness. Similar to man reclining---

When was the last time you set an intention to recline, relax aka surrender in the moment:

Stay tuned for Capricorn/Resources Blog---I appreciate your following this integration of Our Raw Material (ORM) and Astrology---AstrORM. Imagine your ego as this man basking/reclining in his 'beingness'.

Remember Intention Week is an Emotional Pillar connecting us to Mentors/Aries and Feeling/Leo. In an ideal world (aka ORM's Ideal Playground) we've become increasingly conscious of our Conflict/Scorpio (Week Eight). Realize, even though each Pillar/Week is considered separately, Wholeness rules every moment of our Awaring (our awakened living). The separation of ego and soul is illusory, particularly from the point of view of our souls.

We inherently are the Sun in our own lives. We model Mentors who say one thing (Intentions gone awry) and do another--causing us to push our egocentric agendas like the North Wind (you may include our Western schooling system too).

How we reconcile our Feelings depends on how much you self-monitor without judgement. Begin in small ways. Strengthen your ORM Wholeness muscles through expressing gratitude (not lost on me that this week of Intention falls during the Thanksgiving holiday). These appreciative feelings may show up in perfectly timed parking spaces, texts from loved ones or an unexpected windfall. Realized intentions are energy, neutral and, as such, make themselves manifest. ORM underscores this energetic principle--so making a list (even if it consists of hashtags) matters.

James Ingram tune this week is a repeat from the complementary Pillar of Nourishing ‘Whatever We Imagine’.

This is an Intention to demonstrate the interconnected nature of ORM and Astrology---as Gemini is as far away from Sagittarius as we can get---so by integrated extension the Pillar of Nourishing is as far away from the Pillar of Intention. Surely, from our ego’s perspective, but not from our souls.

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