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Shoulders Upon Which We Stand

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Last day of solar Capricorn. Take stock of your inherited history. Wednesday is connected to Norse Loki aka Mercury. In a beloved system from the Yoruba tribe, today has me feeling enveloped with my ancestors.

Capricorn brings up all those family stories about how to act when you leave the house. Whether it's an aboriginal walkabout, two years away from your Amish people, going away to college or taking a semester abroad, those early foundations must be challenged--checked for cracks.

As we finish the second year of COVID-19, we've all been on a 'walkabout'. Mercury, unlike any other God, could travel to Pluto's underworld, create mischief in the middle world of humans & top it all off--challenge those lofty gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus!

Minds, as you've heard are terrible things to waste, yet to get stuck in loops from your past is allowed only until Mercury goes direct (February 3).

Get your act together, locate and align with your higher purpose. Dunno know what that may be? Start with your ancestors' unfinished business. Drop any guilt, cuz Mercury ain't having it. Just do some research. You came into a family, race and gender for a reason. Someone must have had some broad and sturdy shoulders, no matter what gender or orientation, yes?

If you want to make this Capricorn season 2022 means something--'the journey of a thousand miles begins underneath your feet'! Love me some LaoTzu! Talk about an elder that has stood the test of time--what actions and stories of yours will stand up to time's test?

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