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Pisces, two fish swimming in opposite directions, but connected by a silver cord. ?Truly I say to you, one fish moves through pure spiritual waters and the other one is down here with the farm raised salmon returning home to spawn (or in a bottle of Jack Daniels).

One minute before noon CST today, we enter into this mutable water sign. ?The mutable signs have a heightened awareness of the mind. ?Particularly how the mind perceives and translates data. ?They are learning how to work with the element they have. ? Think of Pinocchio’s father Geppetto (especially when you think of adaptable air Gemini & adaptable fire Sagittarius). ?Their noses may not grow, but I’m sure there are other tells.

Realize that the mutable cross consists of Gemini (air), Virgo (earth), Sag (fire) and Pisces (water). ?Each sign is given to studying the rhythms of how their universe expands and contracts. ?It is easy for Gemini to omit facts, probably as easy for Sagittarius to exaggerate them. ?But, the sign of the fishes…well, it’s called ‘fish tales’ for a reason. ?There are emotional truths that Pisces expands upon, facts are for 3-D reality only…

After a cold winter without vision (negative Aquarius nearing its worst), Pisces can easily make believe. ?Seeing potential everywhere, this apprentice-of-the-soul sign nose can enlarge like Pinocchio’s when their unrealized dreams begin to take their toll on their self-esteem. ?And, when there are fire signs giving their gift of indestructibility and visionary perfection, the fishes’ narcissism and delusion rivals none. ?Their duality, like Gemini’s, can be downright duplicitous. ?One fish does not know what the other fish is doing, martyrdom, guilt, shame and hopelessness poison the water.

VENUS STAR VERSE FOR PISCES This late winter energy of Pisces begins around noon. The Venus Star Verse is #62 Conscientiousness, Preponderance of the small. The Wilhelm/Baynes translation states, ‘Success. Perseverance furthers. Small things may be done, great things should not be done. The flying bird brings the message. It is not well to strive upward. It is well to remain below. Great good fortune.”

This Venus Star Verse suggests to all of us to access what nourishes us. Let’s look to the food we eat. But, this is a learning how to be soulful time of year. What feeds our souls? The soul or higher self is like our personal historian, that exists outside of third dimensional time and space. That bird that flies comes from our higher self. Do you take the time each day to listen to your soul? Would that not be conscientiousness? What are some of your healthy escapes? Not extreme attitudes towards escapism, but moderate ones, can you feel the difference?

Mercury (a nemesis of Sag and Pisces, because his little bird-like self brings the facts) is in retrograde until February 28. He will not begin to cover new ground until we reach March 21.

HOW TO SWIM EFFORTLESSLY THROUGH PISCES Be asked to the head of the table at a restaurant or office meeting, do not simply go there. Confirm your first date’s enthusiasm (or postpone the date until Aries/March 21). Ask obvious questions for clarity even when others say ‘duh’. Determine your intention behind all communications, no matter how redundant, mundane or ‘frivolous’. Dream, visualize &/or imagine, but wait until you’ve surmounted any obstacles (aka doubts) before acting. Listen to music; write poetry; remember your childlike fantasies about otherworldly creatures (Where The Wild Things Are). Start gathering physical materials for your story board/vision board to be completed around the Aries New Moon on March 30, 2014. ‘I believe’ and ‘We analyze’ are some key phrases for this soulful sign. But, when the left brain holds too much influence, the compassion gets murky or lost entirely. Compassion and empathy are like pure live giving water that makes relationships flow. Otherwise our connections can become like a dried out river bed. Instead of two fishes searching for life’s meaning everywhere, we get a large mammal—a whale, cynical, greedy, cut off from its spiritual source. No wonder this sensitive sign is associated with addictions of all kinds.

Ask how your soul can expand in empathy and understanding and these next 30 days will flow better than you can even begin to imagine.

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