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Super Bowl LVII of Possibilities February 12, 2023

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

My son was visiting for the AFC Divisional Game played on January 29, 2023. That Thursday evening before the game, his flight was 45 minutes early. For the first time in over two decades I was late picking him up from the airport. I am still not used to checking flight changes on Google. It’s not an ‘ok boomer’ thing, so much as I checked that the flight had left NY on time---how’d I know they’d make up that much time? I did not. Fortunately, I had written the blog stating that KC would beat the Bengals 33-27 that morning, otherwise I would have been so focused on my ‘mishap’ that I would not have written it. For any writer, you know how delicate the creative process can be sometimes.

Yesterday, I did my lawyer/astrologer due diligence and researched the Eagles and their head coach Nick Sirianni, the game time and of course, our beloved Chiefs. I even researched Super Bowl LII where the Eagles beat the Patriots 41-33. This game got me thinking that the Chiefs will beat the Eagles by 11 points. Then my more cautious mind prevailed and settled on a four point spread---depending on the number of points scored by both teams.

Over 50 points, 31 to 24 KC. Under 50 points 25 to 21 KC.

In an Our Raw Material Ideal Playground, I perceived a repeat of Chiefs and 49ers 31 to 20 (after all, COVID 19 occurred directly after our win), so KC never really reaped the benefits of our work. Saturn in his last degrees of Aquarius wants to reward hard work (Jalen has to hurt so good for several more years---he aint ready for Mahomes’ jelly). Even though both teams have both scored 546 points. This number adds up to 15 (Mahomes plays at number 15). It activates his ability to bring consensus to the Chiefs through visualizing his ideas & watching them crystallize in third dimension. A Virgo ideal.

Leo Jalen Hurts as the Eagle as a bird of vision, however, the Earth element is weak (bringing vision into reality). To be fair, though with less Earth may supersede the rules of gravity (walking on water, seeing spirits or not thinking outside the box because they do not see a ‘box’). The unpredictable is strong in this Fire Leo person. Underestimate him at your peril, ok?

The adaptable, patient and capable of metamorphosis will win this Super Bowl. It can be as simple as the Moon is waning (consensus building--Reid & Mahomes) versus the Moon as waxing (individualistic--Sirianni & Hurts). Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn provide more vision to the Chiefs than the ‘every man for himself’ Eagles. Surrendering one’s ego and expectations moment to moment is strongly recommended. Watch the use of those adductor muscles throughout the entire game.

A Royal Role Model For Us To Observe

Jalen Hurts is a royal beast. He is Leo (8.7.1998) born in the year of the Earth Tiger. Tigers have a strong connection to their ancestors and mountains. Hurts is brilliant (as a most folx born in this year). The Moon will be in Scorpio on 2.12.23 which gives him an edge with his Scorpio Center Jason Kelce and Wide Receiver Devonta Smith. General rule of thumb for me with Leo and Scorpio is that each sign has to have at least one in their life. A Leo without a Scorpio in their lives can be seen as all show aka smoke and mirrors. A Scorpio without a Leo in their lives can be too brooding and dark. Jalen has at least two players that help him in a soulful manner, for sure. This gives me pause about his strengths (and the point spread, ok?) . I will be watching his career.

Hurts is a self-proclaimed Christian. His management team is made up of women. We Scorpios may not know everything (hell, we ain’t know-it-all Aquarians), but we suspect everything, almost). I can remember my mother having to wear a headdress (Christian hijab) whenever she taught men. I admit I do not know the denomination of his Christian religion. I simply looked at his number 1. Leo tends to want to be the dominant male without any competition. I acknowledge that ‘the future is female’. Any man who has the consciousness to employ women, but to bring these energies of service, conscious sacrifice, surrender and wholeness has my respectful eye---even if he plays for an opposing team.

The first hour belongs to the Eagles. If the Chiefs are ahead at the beginning of the second quarter, possibly expect an eleven point spread.

Here’s a breakdown based upon the time & place of Super Bowl LVII:

Every Super Bowl begins at sundown. So the Leo rising (approach and how energies are outwardly directed) favors the Eagles Leo QB. Hurts So Good. Jalen has had this phrase trademarked. My Scorpio self looked side eyed at this action---although as I understand the playful egocentric intent, my suspicion lessens. First Quarter from 455p to 532p Eagles (unless there are injuries of the thighs, feet and ankles--possible groin pulls and such).

The 608pm (like all sunsets are magical) has Leo rising and Aquarius setting. These two signs indicate that all Super Bowls that begin around sunset are a symbol of how the individual (ego/personal) intersects with the collective (team). That's Leo and Aquarius. The more we grow as a nation, the more we can model to the world the responsible use (common good/Aquarius) of individual liberties (Leo).

With Venus in her Evening Star phase, I hope for a cloudless night, so we can see Her shine as the third brightest object in the western skies. With a waning Scorpio Moon those players who come with an angelic and wholistic intent will have the Goddess of Love, Joy & Equilibrium on their side. This Venus phase favors Mahomes as he was born under an Evening Star phase (lover & consensus building side of Venus). Also, he was born when the moon was waning (as it will be too). This time it is Jalen who has something to prove to his head coach, his father (earthly and heavenly). The planets are less than favorable around 7pm (and certainly after Rihanna halftime show).

Once the rising sign moves from Leo to Virgo, at 6.35pm it’s on for Virgo Mahomes! I believe that his high ankle sprain offered him the humility to see what he has, what plays can be made and to recognize all of the resources of his teammates and coaches. The proverbial ‘blessing in disguise’. It allowed him to slow down and receive help from his team (something difficult for a chart with a lot of Virgo & Scorpio . Venus, in Her role, of providing equilibrium and peace is in Pisces complimenting Mahomes exacting Virgo nature. The more that he concentrates on the plays that can be completed, the better our team will play and ‘shake off’ any and all aggressive plays from Mr. Hurts So Good.

The Future of Football Resides In Feminine/Yin Energy

The receptive side of Mahomes & Reid (water & earth predominant) is more closely tuned to the Super Bowl LVII’s chart than Hurts & Sirianni (fire & air). As football becomes more soulful and responsible to its players and affect on society (feminine/yin), we will need teams that acknowledge this---KC Chiefs in their Head Coach and QB have these qualities. Allow the Eagles their show, but those who methodically take care of each other regardless of winning or losing, win. Taking the long (and communal) view is a specialty of the Chiefs---whether we profess to lead with our Christianity or not.

Jalen has an immensely personal chart with his personal planets (Sun/Mars/Venus/Mercury) straddling Cancer and Leo. He won’t easily shake anything off, particularly if he’s thinking about his older brother, father, coach and other male authority. Leo’s fires need to be fed and acknowledged for their uniqueness, their contribution. To balance this need is Jalen’s Aquarius Moon & Uranus, the man has a talent for intuitive overview and instantaneously shifting his team toward higher ideals. Thwarting every player is an out of bounds Mars in Gemini, so let’s look to the referees and their potentially flawed calls that connect the NFL and its PR drive towards a more civilized game---particularly from 7.20pm to 755pm. Out of bounds planets are not scrutinized by the illumination of the Sun, they’re renegade so to speak. With Jalen’s retrograde Mercury in Leo, he could easily overthink and strategize to the Eagles’ detriment which Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes would use to their advantage, particularly from 8pm to the end of the game.

One of Patrick’s gifts is to build consensus amongst players who have secret and no so secret beefs. He is a transformative diplomat. He is a benefactor constantly seeking ways to influence his team towards higher and inclusive ideals. With Reid being born right before a New Moon, he has the gift of recognizing potential in his players that may take several years to develop. Patrick, as workhorse, inspires through exacting action integrating his vision (which is considerable) towards unity, inclusion and profound depth. He has an excellent alignment between his spirited, visionary and inclusive Jupiter in Sagittarius from athletic & pioneering Aries on 2.12.23. Can only happen once every four years! As long as he tempers his enthusiasm with realistic appraisals of every team members gifts and weaknesses, the Chiefs will confound the odds makers.

Jalen tends towards the personal inspirational story, starting with his family (and religious) narrative which may or not be fully accepted by his teammates. Like the AFC championship, humility and pleasing the father's energy (when healthy, not the toxic dad that only knows tough love) wins the game. Realize, however, that Hurts came into this life with an invisible entourage of ancestors, guides and angels that rally to his side…he’s earned it. This is one reason why this astrologer turned lawyer is always spiritualist no matter what language I’m speaking--if you feel a hedge, then my lawyer professors would be smiling. However, my ancestors are overjoyed that I’m keeping it light and playful (as I wish for every player!). There’s a lot of intangibles from the invisible world conspiring to move the entire system of football along, of which these two teams are intricately connected. Same win & loss record, both number one seeds and they’ve scored the same number of points? Too many alleged coincidences not for each of us to take notice about how the game has to be transformed into caring about everyone---may I say Damar Hamlin?

Writer’s Note: my favorite animal and Tarot connection comes from Bernadette King of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck---Pluto at the last degrees of Capricorn illuminates the Caterpillar. Thanks for your inspiration!

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