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Supportive Triangles That Exist Those Who Speak The Same Language--'Hello, I'm Leo'

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

When you meet another in your supportive triangle, you’ll say ‘nice to meet you’, but you really feel ‘nice to meet me’. Ego aside. Soul centers. There's an innate equilibrium between ego and soul. Much like an absorbing conversation where each person feels heard.

As Uncle Toney (relationship counselor & co-host of podcast ‘Belief Is Not Required’) asks ‘would you date yourself?’ These supportive triangles are as close to dating yourself as you can get except when you meet another of the same Sun sign or AstrORM Pillar. These meetings are based on an easy going humor, where everyone’s in on the joke. Benefits of the doubt are freely given like cotton candy at amusement parks. Travel, especially when it has a meaning attached to it or even when you break with your routines. Who are those folx you like to have fun with?

These are the people with whom you speak the same ‘Soul Talk’ define your relationship in words reduces it--like the Tao Te-Ching categorically states ‘the Tao that can be spoken, is not the eternal Tao’. These triangles of energy simply have a ‘way’ or ‘Tao’ with each other.

The chosen tune this week is a duet of James Ingram and Patti Austin. It’s called ‘Baby, Come To Me’ and follows the link to our feelings of oneness in love. Once you realize the harmonic love is realized through flowing being parent and child, attaching and detaching, you can breathe more easily. Go to Taurus for the lyrics of this song.

Warning for this entire column on Feelings (AstrORM Week 5) is to use your resources in an equalizing manner. No taking life for granted (granite), being hard & rigid leads to isolation. Soft and pliant is the way to go. Living in a flow attracts your supportive triangles. Just because there’s an ease of expression between you and this triad does not mean that you always know what is best for them. Although you may presume that you do--

Presumption---do we ‘fall in love’ or do we elevate ourselves to love? There is a paradox of climbing higher and going deeper within ourselves, that is one way love operates. These supportive triangle signs have an ease of bonding. Falling in love would be an action or direction of what happens to our individual egos. Falling or becoming vulnerable, an ease of expression without a thought of self-interest.

Nothing lives forever/except the love/that bears your name--Cassandra Wilson in Solomon Sang

How your Supportive Triangles are formed (count 120 days or 4 months before or after your birthday):

Your Sun Sign/AstrORM Pillar (personal warrior fire)/Your Playmate Sign/AstrORM Pillar (radiant solar fire)/Your Ethicist Sign/AstrOrm Pillar (philosophical fire by friction)

Our interpersonal dimension states everything happens, not for a reason, but for evolution.

The growth of our egos into recognizing our shared roots is familiar through our souls. These four signs/pillars create from this dimension of surrendering our egos to another’s soul. Mutual reciprocity is synonymous with shared surrender. Scary to our egos--alluring to our souls.

Leo/Feeling--Sagittarius/Intention--Aries/Mentors this triad represents the emotional pillars in AstrORM. Our Feelings ask us to identify your ‘go-to’ emotions. Which ones do you choose to express and which ones do you hide? All is chosen. Oftentimes it is our Mentors that we emulate their feelings. Aries acts as a catalyst to get you moving, Leo. As a fixed sign, you can keep a lot of your motivations hidden. You show yourself best through action, a small but tasteful gesture may be what you intend, however, the Sagittarius third of your triangle will inspire you to make the grand gesture. Yet, if all your loving acts are large, then how do we determine their relative meanings? Through breathing and reflecting upon your Intention behind your actions and recognizing how they affect others is a solid start in creating and sustaining long term bonds.

Virgo/Listening--Capricorn/Resources--Taurus/Music--you’re learning to live the difference between listening from your heart and hearing from your mind. Allowing your mind to question and research what is the meaning of another’s actions or speech is worthwhile. However, allowing your ego to listen to another’s heart. One way to know this difference is if you are planning or thinking about your answer instead of listening to what’s being said before your answer. It’s a matter of humility. Capricorn helps you realize your innate efficiency in managing all available resources. How to make loving fun and realistic. Taurus holds your awareness of the pleasure/pain cycle. Once you balance the practical with the ideal, you relax and you listen to your own heart’s inner truth. You have on the best supportive triangles for a life well-lived and at times you arouse the envy of others who only look at the superficial aspects aka having no introspective side. Contemplation gives you an easy going and adaptable nature. Lovely.

Libra/Values & Ideals--Aquarius/Aligning With Intention--Gemini/Food your supportive triangle brings in the human signs on the circle of animals aka zodiac. There is an elevation above our animal nature. Your trick is to value your animal instincts while keeping a watchful eye on your ideals (shoulds and musts). Through an Alignment of both, you shine and emanate magnetism of an infinite variety. Hell, your energy writes the love songs that keep us in expectation of what love means and how it gets us to behave, right? As you accept your scales, you weigh your ego in comparison to other egos. As you realize the larger, higher and deeper pictures, you cease to compare egos: your resonant frequencies of soul. In other words (yeah, why couldn’t I say it this way first?), you feel the shared harmony with others, be they a person, pet or idea. You could even say you are in love with love. Gemini (Food) is your Ethicist. The sign of Twins feeds your curiosity about all interpersonal relationships. There is no rest until you’ve researched and verified your answers about how folx not only get together, but how they stay together. Meditation is key, so is meditation.

Scorpio/Conflict--Pisces/Wholeness--Cancer/Ignorance flow through the physical triangle in AstrORM. Seems strange at first that the water signs (feeling, intuitive and sensitive) sit in the physical supportive triangle. However, every river reaches a welcoming ocean, yes? These rivers need banks (physical boundaries). Without limits the water element can have love and use them to destroy instead of creating the union they seek. What they won’t do for love, huh? Once Scorpio realizes that any past hurts brought on through internal conflict must be philosophically analyzed and let go, peace ensues. Allowing to ‘not know’ someone else's motivation begins the ‘good work’, our soul’s work. This supportive triangle must choose to learn to see the past but not get stuck there in a mirage of ‘could’ves, would’ves and should’ves). Their past is a springboard to allowing themselves to be themselves in the present. Pisces offers Wholeness--an acceptance of every moment as perfect from the perspective of our souls. Hence our guiding statement of this blog of Feeling---’everything happens not for a reason, but for evolution’. Cancer/Ignorance underscores our innate modesty through admitting what we do not know, so we can open our egos to allowing truth to enter.

The following four signs are transpersonal in nature. Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces in AstrORM are Manifesting Balance (Awaring).

Sagittarius/Intention--Aries/Mentors--Leo/Feelings typically you must travel away from home (Mentors) to return all grown up. Your sign contains the story of the Prodigal Son/Daughter. There was a sibling who stayed with the family. How you treat those who are equal to you upon your return tells how much you’ve really learned. If you can intend to be peaceful, you can sit in the fire of your own discontent. You don’t encourage disagreements, but you do not back away from expressing your wisdom. You allow your feelings to be known. Remember the interpersonal orientation (Week 5 through 8) theoretically is mastered by the time we reach Week 9. You have made consistent contact with your soul’s light. You can feel our shared truths. As such you are respectful in even the most heated of arguments. You acknowledge where we may still be nurturing our open wounds from early childhood or religious training (Aries/Mentors). Your spirit allows you to recognize where we all become stuck in our ego’s voice of separation and superiority (high horse musings). Modestly ‘coming down to earth’ makes you even more attractive---maddening to those who have (and continue) to misjudge your free spirit.

Capricorn/Resources--Taurus/Music--Virgo/Listening, when your supportive triangle has no desire to listen to music, get concerned. Your supportive triangle has two singers of the ‘27 Club’ (Janis Joplin/Cap & Amy Winehouse/Virgo). They died at 27 years of age. Sometimes you do not make the time to access your inner resources of resilience, tenacity and ambition. Instead you seek to prove your worth through a constant striving for excellence. You do not develop your discernment (Virgo/Listening). However, when you do, you radiate a standard that we’ll know about you, even after death. You act from your own inner authority. No one tells you which mountain to climb. You elevate yourself in love through a sensitivity to the invisible worlds of thought and feeling. You make best efforts to judge no one, including yourself. You live an auditory life, as if you’ve never left your mother’s womb. You don’t seek outside yourself for unity because you live as if all life is connected…because it is. You hear our soul’s rooted energies in every heartbeat. There’s no ‘baby, come to me’ because ‘baby has never left’.

Aquarius/Aligning With Intention--Gemini/Food--Libra/Values & Ideals, you create ‘ambrosia’. Known as the ‘food of the gods’, your heresy is that you dare to live as a God or Goddess or hell, both in one human. Talk about using ‘they’ as a pronoun, yes? Could ‘they’ be an indication of being one human and one divine in a physical body? However. Whatever. Whenever. It is how you feed your mind. It is what you feed your mind. You could spend your time (Values) fitting into communities, families and relationships that seem to share your view (Ideals) only to be disappointed each and every time. If you’re disappointed, you harbor expectations. Expectations take you out of the present moment. You either attach to the past hurts or imagine futures not realized. Once you realize your duality is to integrate your vision for our collective future while staying present, you relax and emanate acceptance of all living beings (including plants and animals). Life may not be no crystal stair ala Aquarian Langston Hughes, however, your dreams can be what you value. Spending time in those invisible realms matter…and so does love in all its myriad of forms.

Pisces/Wholeness--Cancer/Ignorance--Scorpio/Conflict, your supportive triangle seems to be constantly swimming in the past. Nothing wrong with this, as your analysis seeks to realize where you acted or reacted from a lack of perspective. Play with your Ignorance. Be that not knowing the whole story of your childhood or a relationship betrayal. It is important that you learn to live with an axiom of ‘all conflict is internal’. No one can make you feel anything. Everything furthers an exploration and verification of your narrowness or rigidity. Realize there is no need to validate your existence. There is no ‘higher’ purpose, except what ORM extols--hydration, breathing and physical movement. Even though Our Raw Material speaks to ego and soul. They are unified parts of our whole being. Once you feel the ways in which you erect walls about love’s expansive nature, you become increasingly aware of your return journey to Wholeness. Some may call this ‘home’. You cease tolerating others, you ooze acceptance, peace and forgiveness. Like charity, you know that compassion begins at home--within yourself.

After betrayal of ego or others, Pisces returns us to Innocence. Further in this evolutionary trek is the Personal Orientation in Astrology with the first four signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. While ego takes center stage in Astrological language, in AstrORM, our egos are deconstructed and detangled for the illuminating energy from our souls.

Aries/Mentors--Leo/Feeling--Sagittarius/Intention, in Astrology yours is the fire element. Fire signs build an identity. Like wearing a costume, you show what role you want us to see you play on the world’s stage ala Shakespere. However, through integrating AstrORM, your supportive triangle is on the Feeling side of how your energy manifests. It is through illuminating the way in which you were taught to act or represent the family. How does your role and your soul’s voice intersect or differ? Were your Mentors also your Tormentors? Can you see your life through setting a series of intentions, instead of a series of unfortunate events? Feeling as if you have agency and co creation you inspire all of us to become the heroes of our lives, not victims. Naturally, you allow others to be themselves, unless their actions become judge-mental. You allow no one to dampen your initial enthusiasm.

Taurus/Music--Virgo/Listening--Capricorn/Resources, your ethicist sign/pillar is Capricorn. You know your life has melody and harmony through how you freely share what you have. You listen to others in direct proportion to how much their outer life is aligned with their inner one. You have an ear for authenticity. This is why you can speak to the executive assistant, athlete or CEO with the same energy, you see no difference between someone’s status and humanity. Here are some lyrics from ‘Baby, Come To Me’

Thinkin' back in time

When love was only in my mind

I realize, ain't no second chance

You've got to hold on to romance (a Taurus function--holding on to what you have)

Don't let it slide

There's a special kind of magic in the air (listening for clues of unity, not separation/Virgo)

When you find another heart that needs to share (realizing the shared resources/Capricorn)

Only one change---there is always a second chance from our soul’s viewpoint. When our egos realize that evolution is available and present in each moment, we relax into acceptance of listening to another, be they our child, partner or colleague. Your supportive triangle in AstrORM is spiritual. Resist the temptation to read ‘spiritual’ and imagine ‘lofty’ or ‘superior’. Spirituality carries its own illuminating energy. You sense your own inner truth from your voice of soul. You hear how we are all rooted and connected, always have been and always will be. Seeking simplicity is one of your superpowers--and you are loved for this gift.

Gemini/Food--Libra/Values & Ideals--Aquarius/Aligning With Intention is a human supportive triangle. Forgive me, I am fond of saying you are the representative of humanity on the circle of animals aka the zodiac. As long as you do not suppress or repress your animal nature, we become entranced with your detached nature. Detachment is not synonymous with ‘uncaring’. You allow your active mind and ego to analyze how you can join with others. Mediating and discussing and researching where values align and where they can be misplaced. A silent Gemini is an observant Gemini. You start to feed yourself on what you hear versus what you do not hear. When there is no way you can square the circle between soul and ego, you withdraw to question your intention for connecting in the first place. This is where your Aquarius supports your attachment/detachment to your truth. This truth shows itself through your speech. You live to align with what has been called ‘The Logos’ aka ‘The Word’. In an ideal world, we’d all live by our word---because magic can be created through speech. Hell, curses and spells exist through words. ‘Let there be light’ is a famous beginning for the ‘little books’ aka ‘The Bible’. Are you speaking into reality what you want or don’t want? Do you see love wherever you go, within every living being or not? Can it really be that simple?

Cancer/Ignorance--Scorpio/Conflict--Pisces/Wholeness, there is an ‘atonement quotient’ in your supportive triangle. Yes, you can easily get stuck in the past. Driving down your personal evolution constantly looking in your rearview mirror. Yet, when you allow deconstruction of your ego that has become attached to conflict, your security increases. Your confidence becomes this silent strength that needs no application to find love. You are love. There is no ‘in love’. There is only the elevation of your subtle energies as you magnetize what you seek. Hell, your Pisces Wholeness allows you to construct an ego to embody the love you desire. You are able to parent everyone you meet, once you integrate the conflicts inflicted from your parents and early childhood you have no resentment when thrust into this role. You learn that waiting is not the same as non acting. You live from the truth that the only thing you need to tend to is ‘inner space’. Like the American concept of ‘Manifest Destiny’ and Industrial Revolution, you feel an ‘Inner Manifest Destiny’ and ‘Spiritual Reformation’. You exude a freedom of rebirthing yourself from the evolutionary imperatives from your soul’s voice.

Our supportive triangle, like our souls, illuminates our path through synchronicities. These alleged random events show up when our egos are open to Wholeness. As such the two songs that played ‘coincidentally’ were Falling In Love With You by Chic and If We're Not In Love by Patti Austin---my soul rests its case in Wholeness/Ignorance & Conflict.

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