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The Love I Lost/Was A Sweet Love---Full Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn Full Moon is fully old school---traditional, legacy building and status oriented. It's been said that Capricorns don't have lives they have careers. I suppose the luckier ones have vocations or callings, so what they do is a large portion of who they are. If we spend eight hours working, eight hours sleeping and eight hours in discretionary pursuits, Capricorn/Cancer is all about responsibility to those within our homes and the roles we play outside of our homes.

A willingness to be seen as unique and different can be sometimes more easily done in the privacy of our own homes. However, this Full Moon has Libra on the Ascendant in KCMO, so balance is central. Full Moons are the way of the Divine Feminine's 'getting back at' the overly solar and rational types. Every Full Moon sets the scales that need equilibrium of the these two opposite, but complimentary signs. Again, rational types see and live through binary, setting up either/or scenarios. The Moon ain't having it. Flip sides of the same coin, but it is only one coin. Maybe we need to get caught up in the process of flipping the coin instead of the outcome of 'heads or tails'.

With both major feminine symbols (Moon and Venus) in illuminating opposition to Sun and Pluto, buckle up---we are all in for a bumpy ride. The speed bumps in our shared evolutionary road will be as large as our attachments to the past. Look back, but resist the temptation to luxuriate for days gone by. With emotional security driven Pluto in Capricorn setting the stage for profound transformation of all institutions and loving Venus in Cancer sweetly asking for what she needs privately---stop the love you save may be your own. As a matter of fact, know what kind of love you're willing to give and receive.

Understand that Pluto's rigidity to 'making something great again' often hinges upon egocentric control. It takes the complimentary softness and feeling energies of Cancer to wear down the presumed rigidity and status seeking ambition of Capricorn. Imagine a blank slate where your responsibilities are delegated. How would you respond if duty and obligation along with their kissing cousins of guilt and shame were not in the picture? What if you could see possibilities of shared growth based upon an expanded world view where all your resources were provided? What if you realized in real time that guilt is an exacting and punishing parent imprint to keep you cut off (Sun/Pluto in Capricorn) from the source of your true feelings (Moon/Venus in Cancer?

Until we collective transform how we see each other in this country, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Until we personally send loving and kind energy to all we meet, we are also likely to regress back to a world that we've been struggling to leave for at least 55 years (Civil Rights & Voting Acts). This past Juneteenth celebration, while now a federal holiday cannot be symbolic only (Cancer). It has to be connected to policy and legislation (Capricorn). The For The People Act (HR 1) and HR 40 (Commission to study and develop reparations proposals for African-Americans) are burgeoning examples of a healthy Cancer/Capricorn energies. Cancer looks to keep families growing and thriving beyond survival. Cancer wants to feel like it is truly part of an extended family of humanity and four-legged creatures. Capricorn takes the feeling soulful aspect of this source driven water sign and legislates what is right for all citizens. 'I feel' becomes 'We feel'. Capricorn's 'I use' simmers in the equality driven Libra to analyze from a neutral perspective what's best for the individual (Aries). Know that these four signs begin the seasons, so they get things started that brings transformation of systems, not simply symbolic gestures of emptiness.

Guiding us is a retrograde (internalized) Jupiter in 'we are the world' Pisces. This adaptable water sign takes 'the life gives you lemons, make lemonade' from the preceding mutable sign of Sagittarius. Pisces adds vodka or an escapist activity (yoga, music, meditation, dance) to allow our egos to move through multiple dimensions---'to have a dream' ala Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr (whose Moon was in Pisces). Dreaming is good for the soulful water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, yet Pluto (collective power) in Capricorn must act in the so-called real world. These next several years demand that America transform its power structure. To look within for enduring spiritual values based upon soulful examination even for the next month while Jupiter is in Pisces is well advised for all of us.

Forgiveness and compassion are some gifts from Pisces. Jupiter can be like a generous family member who lives their beliefs in real time and space---walking their talk. He can be seen in a cathedral or in a grove of trees, yet his words and deeds line up impeccably. You gravitate towards these types because of their inclusive and welcoming spirits. Resist any and all temptations to use Capricorn ambitions just for yourself, because you'll find yourself on the wrong side of history, both personal and collective.

Remember to look for Venus at every sunset in her loving Evening Star phase. You don't have to lose your love ala Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes. You can 'Wish Upon A Star' ala Rose Royce---therefore magnetizing the love from within your soul.

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