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Trickster Mercury Goes Into Retrograde Motion On April Fool's Day at 514pm CDT

Buckle up it's going to be a bumpy ride, particularly for those who rely only on what their eyes can see. Yep, seeing is believing, but feeling is knowing. Through feeling you can access your innate wisdom.

Retrograde Mercury basically asks us to get to the roots of our communication. In Aries, it requires you dig deep in reflecting on how you were taught to speak...were you in a family that 'children were seen and not heard' or a where you were given no guidelines aka boundaries? Wherever your childhood falls on this spectrum of limitations, in this Eclipse Season in Aries, Mercury simply amps up the volume of demonstrating your courage or lack there of. You can stand up for yourself without losing your dignity or being an arrogant ass to others. Seek peace whenever necessary. A retreat is not the same as a false compromise.

Watch the following video to see how your element is likely fare during this Mercury turnabout:

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