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Turning Tides: Full Moon in Pisces 8.30.23

These last couple of days some topsy-turvy energies have been downloading through all of us. We evolve when we look over how we’ve grown from an egocentric perspective. We involve when we ask for help from above and/or within. I call it downloading. Some call it invocative prayer. As a former cost accountant, let’s use the intangible assets as metaphor. Intangible assets of goodwill, brand recognition and grace periods.


Asking/looking for help? Let’s invoke these intangible assets as reality creating agents. To believe you can do it on your own is a dominant ego illusion/belief (Pisces). Deeper down we all know (Aquarius) we get nowhere without support (visible and invisible). Belief is not required (shameless plug intended), but wisdom (knowledge based upon a mixture of experience & faith) is...


A large part of this movement from the Pisces Age to the Aquarius Age is that we look to our peers, community and family (chosen or origin) for reflection of our basic interconnectedness. Keeper of our brothers and sisters, as it were. A Full Moon in Pisces illuminates the roots of our belief systems that keeps us mired in fear and negative thinking.

Once we awaken to our shared unified minds (some metaphysicians call this the ‘universal mind’.) With heightened Aquarian energies beaming down and through us on Earth, this line between our individual thinking processes and others is thinner, sometimes non-existent. A listening and aligned Aquarian is telepathically receptive. We all have this capacity growing within. When Astrology merges with Our Raw Material, creating AstrORM, an essence of Aquarius is ‘Aligning With Intention’--week 11.

So, how does our friendly skies aka ‘the Comic Cosmos’ have to show us on this Pisces Full Moon? Bunches of retrograde planets (Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto). The retrograde phenomenon represents geocentric Astrology. Our relationship to the Sun and the relative motion of these forces when viewed from the Earth’s perch. A simple exercise is to reflect upon what each planet is teaching us and place the prefix re- in front of this function. All retrograde energies have a Piscean influence of multi-dimensionality. Some energies thrive in elusive and compassionate sign of the fishes, some do not as well. For example, when you clutch your pearls each Mercury retrograde--remember that this little speedy planet of thought and communication accesses both hemispheres of our brains. He wants you to re-visit the process and intention behind your communications. The more your communication aligns with your larger, shared and collective purpose, the more you’ll be able to see the humor in those ‘Freudian’ slips. In Pisces and by extension all retrogrades, there are no mistakes, only teachable moments. Re-member only your ego can become embarrassed. Your soul knows everything is grist for our evolutionary mills.

In KCMO’s chart, we have Neptune rising in Pisces (retrograde). Shape shifters, chameleons, that’s the whole lot of us. The more we attune to our inner vision based upon contemplated inner truths, the more this Full Moon brings those inner treasures based upon those aforementioned intangible assets. Translation: as we mature into grown ass cosmic citizens, we have to do (and show) our own work. Time to graduate from the adolescence of high school (where we get to show off, do more than ‘humble brag’ or blame others for our mishaps).

These multiple retrogrades are not to be feared, but leaned into. Equilibrium driven Venus shining her loving light in Leo from June 5 to October 8 offers all us an excellent opportunity to expand our hearts, wounds and all. We are being asked, chided even, to peer straight into our hearts. This subtle energy center is named 'Anahatta' or 'unwounded' and 'unstruck' in Sanskrit. The more we contemplate on the parts of our hearts that are untouched, the more we can return to an innocent belief (Pisces) and knowledge (Aquarius) of the generous nature of the universe(s).

The heart chakra is often associated with the color green. How we treat the earth (‘earth’ and ‘heart’ contain the same letters) is how we move forward from the Pisces Age to the Aquarian Age. You are allowed to use the word ‘cusp’ when talking about Astrological Ages that lasts approximately 2160 years---each. These ages called the ‘Precession of the Equinox’ move backwards (like retrogrades). For more info follow this link:,the%20precession%20of%20the%20equinox.

The Fact that rabble rouser Uranus just moved in retrograde motion a couple days indicates that his energies are prevalent more so than any other point in his cycle. As the guardian of the upcoming Aquarian Age, he pushes us to face our basic assumptions about the nature of our personal reality (hello, Seth/Jane Roberts channeled this entity and this is the name of her bestselling text--’The Nature of Personal Reality’). In the Aquarian Age we will channel ourselves, our individual relationship to our examined and contemplated inner truth based upon our unique experiences. We will no longer need intercessors, be they priests or shamans. Unless these beings are sharing their info so everyone has equal access to universal knowledge and wisdom based upon one love, eff them. In an ideal world, I want to put myself out of business. The Aquarius Age is a DIY one. ‘Do it Yourself’ as you let the sunshine in (shades of radiant Leo, Aquarius’ complementary sign) is a worthwhile mantra and/or aspiration. Again, a Pisces Full Moon, means our radiant Sun is in self-effacing Virgo. What has been separated/broken must be put back together. Let’s become the adults in the room---

Saturn (co-guardian/ruler of Aquarius) is an adult in our universal room. He’s packing some dry ass jokes as his practical self moves through mystical Pisces. He’s been turning our half-truth accepting collective on its head since March 7, 2023. He spends approximately 2.5 years in each sign. Like clockwork (he rules linear time and space), he demands (when in Daddy mode) or asks (when in Coach mode) us to dive into the collective waters of our planetary consciousness. After all, what do fish do anyway? Lose your humor and you’ve lost already. It’s all about acknowledging all the feels and teachable moments as Saturn stays in Pisces till May 24, 2025 then returns February 13, 2026 to Aries for his longer two year stint. Like the sunshine, let your mystic ‘freak’ flag fly, ok?

Mercury's apparent backward motion in Virgo can easily have us mistaking the forest for the trees. Allow bigger picture Jupiter slowing down in practical Taurus (he moves retrograde on September 4) to give us a sense of what we believe we value---Mercury re-assesses the steps needed to make our reality manifest. Jupiter opens the doorway to those intangible values/assets, like ‘paying it forward’. Make like a host/subversive of those on the underground railroad or an early Revolutionary---be willing to put your proverbial money where your mouth is, yes? Accept other folx’s reality (especially when you have disagreement) while knowing and living your own. ‘Do what you will, and harm none’ is a worthwhile Jupiter philosophy.

Analysis and synthesis, that’s the way of Virgo and Pisces. Especially at this Full Moon, allow yourself to be led by your inner truth of conserving what you have instead of wanting more before knowing what it will cost you. Taurus, Virgo and Pisces lean towards caution and observation…although with Uranus still moving through ‘I have’ Taurus, know what you value. If you cannot explain it to a child, then it’s probably too complicated to act on. If you’re hiding who you are from those closest to you, then you’re probably ready for the unpredictable Uranian energy to upset your foundations in your life. The more you resist and rise above the conditioning of Saturn (shoulds, collective guilt trips), the more you can trust in the benevolence of the Cosmos.

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