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Goddess of Love, Art and Beauty returns to one of her homes this evening. ?Libra is her second home that she lives in with her partner, all decked out. ?In her Evening Star phase, She is poised for some Netflix and chill. Lover grooves and all. ?Realize a major power that a lover has is openness, surrender and creating romantic atmospheres.

From now until September 9, we are under her loving spell. ?Butter not melting in mouths and honey words will have you leaving those isolated forests of your own making. ?Venus in Libra seduces us to leave our lairs, caves and suspicious minds to balance our hearts with something and/or someone ?other?.

Begin with your soul, that inner mysterious history keeper. ?The inner voice of affirmation and positivity, that has all access to your present moment fiery spirit. (Yes, spirit and soul are unique aspects of how your consciousness builds and creates your karma and dharma.) ?Through grace you release the spilt milk that betrayal brings and move into your lessons of acceptance, reflection of the way life can be as an older soul cognizant of their history. Narratives matter. Inner narratives aka self-talk matter even more than those you tell to others. ?After all, reframing is a blessing.

No wanderer is as lovely as Venus. ?And, She reframes a narrative better than no one. ?It just so happens (let me tell you something) She enters Libra as the exact moment that Jupiter and Sun square off from Scorpio to Leo. ?Neither of these signs want to admit weakness, yet, expansive and aspiration Jupiter desires to take you into the underworld where you fear betrayal. ?Illuminating Leo Sun has something to learn from taking the time to get to know the newly acquainted and not to be blinded (pun intended) by appearances. ?Ego over inflation, entitlement and privilege can be the hallmarks of a Sun/Jupiter alliance. Think Icarus, waxed wings and a hot sun. What?s in your privilege? ?Have you looked in the mirror to see your own biases reflected?

We have a solar eclipse this Saturday. ?Buck up, buckeroos, each ego has to seek a higher and inner alignment of spirit (What can I do with these feelings? ?How can I express them where they?ll be received?) with our individual soul?s story (How did I get here? Which decisions lead me to this drama? ?Can I really avoid drama and be on this physical plane?)

Venus will spend August 6 through September 9 moving slowly, brightly and direct in Libra only to return invisible, closely and transformatively on Halloween through December 2. ?That?s 77 days. ?On the seventh day, he rested? (purposely did not capitalize the ?h?, get used to a futuristic female/equalitarian existence now, ok?). God is not greedy for creation, there has to be reflection. ?Venus rests. She retrogrades from Friday, October 5 through Friday, November 16 (her day is Friday). So, where is the 26 degree of Libra to the 11 degree of Scorpio in your chart? What?s in your Venus? How does She go from home in loving mediating Libra to her detriment in underworldly strip bare Scorpio? ?How does your world end, personally and interpersonally? Inquiring spirits want to know.

I invite you ask your personal questions through Messenger, subscribe to my YouTube channel Quan Tracy Cherry, like Belief Is Not Required Facebook page as well as offer suggestions on how you?d like more info.


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