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Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Feeling underappreciated?

From now until January 29, 2022,love and happiness are to be sought within.

It's creating more inner space for connecting with your soul. Soul as a witness to all your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Venus Retrograde happens every 18 to 19 months, so review what was occurring in your relationships in Spring, 2020. Venus is a diplomatic energy between our egos and souls, self and others---genders, races and cultures. Realize the last Venus Retrograde brought George Floyd's murder. It was a woman of a different race that videotaped the heinous incident.

Venus spends time in the underworld (where our shadow and taboos exists) for at least eight days from January 4 through 13, 2022. Pay particular attention to your dreams and so-called coincidences. Our souls speak through these alleged random occurrences.

In Capricorn, Venus imprints us with the necessity of growing up--in Retrograde this 'up' is in. The space to be explored is our inner drives and desires. What's up with your ambitions? Are you gossiping or processing? Do you feel the interconnectedness of all living beings? Are you comparing yourself to others? Where can you locate your inspiration and then embody it?

Venus moves from being the Goddess of Love to Goddess of War (what are motives behind your struggles and conflicts? How can you walk the line between pessimism and realism?)

Make sure over these next several weeks to protect something or someone who's worthy of it--begin by looking in the mirror.

No one is the fair of them all until we all are the fairest of them all.

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