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January 2014 what was going on for you?

The Venus Star every four years is either between the Sun and Earth (last time all Morning and Warrior) or this time where the Goddess of Love is on the other side of the Sun (Evening and Lover).? January 9, 2018, Venus aligns in her otherworldly phase in at 19 degrees of Capricorn.


Think about the early bird and worms versus a dinner at a fancy restaurant under a waxing crescent Moon at sunset.? One you’d want with a lover, the other you’d be ready to take on the world, be that in the courtroom or conference room.? Morning wood, springtime expansion and manifest destiny all have a ‘Morning Star Warrior/Yang’ motivation.? Evening Star Venus has a ‘Yin/Reflective’ impetus that you desire at a happy hour by the beach in a tropical setting.? Good conversation, good times.


When in Capricorn our collective passions move toward beginnings.? As the days get longer in this initiating earth sign, we look to how to project our best selves, playing a mature and professional role in our community.? Our sober judge awakens.? Our relationship to external authority and all its pervasive judgements come into stark focus.? Don’t measure up, you say?? Then, fear, isolation and depression holds sway over your heart.

Saturn, Sun, Venus and Pluto are all in Capricorn.? Our deepest emotional and soulful transformations occur now.? To lead with Venus and Pluto means to illuminate (Sun) what our mature responses are to be with it comes to aging, setting boundaries and recognizing what really matters.? Time, from our soul’s perspective, can rarely be wasted.? Yet, Saturn, in his Roman role of Chronos, is Father Time begs to differ.? Value laden Venus softens and lightens these two heavyweights of time and space (Saturn & Pluto, who were NOT sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g).? If anything, these two daddies were seen in a leather bar dive or a corporate board room taking over another weaker company…(possibly both)

Time be my friend.? Home matters.

More later….

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