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Virgo New Moon Thursday 9.14.23

Are you Mary or Martha? Do you maintain your focus on Christ Consciousness? This is an energy of showing up with love and compassion for all living beings. It transcends (gets beyond) our individual ethnicities, religions or race.

Highlights from the following video (and some things not covered).

Neptune in Pisces balances this Virgo energy. Simply imagine as we end the Pisces/Virgo Astrological Age and become adults ready to be integrated into the United Federation of Planets as adults of peace, universal love and acceptance. (Yep, I made a Star Trek allusion!) If you can imagine it, it can be manifested.

Since 2012, the energy of 'we are the world' Neptune has been tuning us into multiple dimensions and tuning us out of excessive linear thought. In America (politically speaking) can be demonstrated as a lethargy with our binary red/blue and Republican/Democratic system. Or having six Catholics on our Supreme Court.

In the upcoming Aquarian Age (we are cusping on), we will develop a communal awareness of personal boundaries around real separation of church and state. We'll be called to hold our water (emotional triggers based upon our personal/racial/country/tribal/religious histories) to examine the other's perspectives. Searching and living for shared ideals will be the underlying energy to the Aquarian Age, not 'original sin' and delusions that someone has to be better.

Venus (our Goddess of Equilibrium) has been in Leo since June 5. She has been teaching us to open our hearts---to move beyond (trans) tolerance into acceptance and universal love. Sure, it sounds cold and impersonal this universal love thing, but it is not. This love simply resonates from our guts/hearts and above. We can still have some heat emanating from our ego/sacral/root chakras, but we raise that energy to our unwounded hearts where there's room for every living being---two or four legged.

Set your warrior's intention on acting from a diplomatic place, as Mars moves through harmony inducing Libra. In whose interests are you operating? For now, until his toddler ass (Mars, plz follow along--thats my impatient Mars speaking) leaves this beginning air sign of fall, he offers us multiple opportunities to pause, breathe and reflect before re-acting. Response is key. He'll move into Scorpio on October 11 (a day after Pluto goes direct). If there are wars and reports of war, it will be during these days around this time.

Scorpio/Pluto teaches us that all conflict begins inside. No one can trigger you. It's is fixed water (ice those wounds, cool off those inflammatory spots, ok?). All judge-ments are self-judge-ments.

Pluto completes a grand earth trine with Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus and New Moon in Virgo from integrity driven Capricorn. These earthy energies bring a 'joyous' pragmatism. Imagine that things can be worse. Count your resources and blessings. If you're sharing, do it freely and without resentment.

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