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Virgo Season---Humbly Receive Notes

After full personality aka ego expression through Leo, Virgo represents your director who gives you notes on how you can improve your performance. A little humility goes a long way.

Next to Scorpio, Virgo is the most misunderstood. (hence the dance between humble self-improvement and constant self-criticism, martyrdom and long-suffering. Can’t nobody suffer like a Virgo who hasn’t found their passion for service.

Well, who wants to talk about virgins, whores and immaculate conception? Some folx might. If you think you can really understand Astrology without looking into its historical and mythological origins, you’re going to be a one dimensional stargazer at best and a mechanical hack at the worst. Yep, the challenging signs of Virgo and Scorpio will test your motivations every damn time. One is a human (Virgin/Whore) on the circle of animals known as the ‘zodiac. Scorpio conjures up images of revenge, arsenic and old lace (Halloween or Dia De Los Muertos). Virgo is where our ego gets purged of many of its delusions of grandeur no doubt aided by its previous trek through Leo. Scorpio reminds of death, taxes, sex (and racism, sexism, classism, etc. in its ultimate ego death to the larger collective soul. Both are secretly rebellious. The yang and individuated ego must surrender and be transformed by the yin/feminine. Let's do this! Or it gets done to you---our souls have all the time in the universes---and Virgo knows how long its takes to get techniques and processes, just so.

As the ego/masculine wanes and detoxifies, we get our purifying orders in Virgo. A combination of spiritual/lofty Mary and physical/conscientious Martha, we all are learning how to integrate these two forces within ourselves. Remember that it was a reforming act for Christ to be speaking to women about any spiritual matter. Hell, almost every male at that time saw women as menial and dirty. Otherwise why would they need a red tent for menstrual cycles? In strict dualistic terms, male/spirit/good and female/body/bad.

Sometimes it feels and seems as if we’ve not progressed beyond this dualistic plane. Our egos keep us under our control through placing everything in adversarial or binary terms. No matter how we gender identify and/or non-conform, daily life demands ritual. Where there is ritual, there is holiness---kissing cousin to wholeness. As you may or may not know, I am cofounder of a natural thought practice called Our Raw Material (ORM). Exciting stuff to have a daily practice constantly (but not desperately seeking) seeking our souls. Through making your daily chores holy (acts of wholeness expressed) your life opens up. Your standards relax. Obsessions lessen. Compulsions become more manageable. There is less guilt and shame. You catch your ego (along with the collective ego, ancestral karmas and body shame) before it flowers into a full grown fruit. You recognize the seeds of your discontent. Usually these seeds begin to find fertile soil through our untrained minds.

Virgo set standards, Not perfect standards. One of the biggest misconceptions is that perfectionism is an ideal. Ideals exist in the mind. Mental signs are the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Virgo is more critical, picky and exacting. It can seem like perfectionism to those who have been on the other end of their ‘critique’. As a practical earth sign, they seek to materialize the best. Understand though, through their shared rulership of Mercury with airy Gemini, they can collapse into some regressive spaces of not having ‘done enough’ or they procrastinate because they see how big the work is. Their motivation is usually self-improvement. I love to tell my Virgo ppl, that they are like ‘highly selective universities'; many apply but only a small number get admitted.

Contemplative points:

“Guilt and shame have no Cosmic basis”. Carol K. Anthony & Hanna Moog I Ching

Discernment differs from discrimination.

Compassion begins within.

“Do not let perfect be the enemy of the good” political speech

Resist the temptation to get into ‘blue-green’ versus ‘teal arguments.

The physical body and its desires are not lower than spiritual ones. Seek integrating them.

Create a conscious self to sacrifice (making wholeness your process)

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