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Visible Venus---Love Made Manifest

I'm mostly self-taught with this language that uses scientific measurements and an art form. Like the law (what my law professors told me that 'law is a jealous mistress'), astrology has its qualities of envy. Many astrologers believe that because of the scientific measurements that somehow it's 'superior' to psychics, mediums, and of course, tarot cards.

Naw, these self-examining tools are all equal. or we are moving into an area where we begin to continue to treat them as such. As we shift our intentions to become more integrated between the ego aspects of Astrology (what we know through conscious measurement) and the soulful aspects of Astrology (which for me comes through mythology, tarot, I Ching, www.ourrawmaterial.comancestral work and animal spirit awarenesses), an acceptance of the present moment emanates into our lives. Going forward I will include as my awareness grows and dictates precisely where natural thought and pillars of Our Raw Material overlaps and fits in.

Venus, as the third brightest object in the sky radiates Her loving energies each sunset. She aligns with a waxing crescent Moon on December 6. All those songs about wishing upon a star are relevant! She is finishing up her Evening Star (Lover) phase in Aries to shift to her Morning Star (Warrior) on January 8, 2022 (6.49p CST).

If you've been in denial or 'sweeping things under the rug' since late March, 2021, these retrograde dates of Venus (December 19, 2021 through January 29, 2022), beware of your warrior/independent side coming to the surface. Check your underappreciation at your ego's door. Have those mature conversations (after all She is in Capricorn the sign of the elder and statesmen). A conscious uncoupling may be called for, but only after the conversations have been had about how to share responsibility for the relationship ending or transforming into a new beginning.

Simply enjoy these upcoming December sunsets. Focus upon what you have and want, not what you lack. End any self-recriminations now. No one is ever fixed in a state or frozen in a self-image without help. Awareness is key, though. A slight twist from Maya Angelou is--- 'know better, do better'. Start by wishing upon Evening Star Venus to grow up and to grow within!

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