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Vocational Musings (Added to LinkedIn)

If there's ever time where you feel underappreciated in your job or career it is now. Venus (how we value ourselves) is in job/career/vocation oriented Capricorn until March 2022. Job-wage slavery/survival aka means to an end. Career (schooling/experience/status---in an ideal world you'd be able to experience the height of service with your vocation. Like a V8, I could have a career as a lawyer (I pay my dues every February). Instead my soul choose me to do my vocation. I know I was called (Latin 'vocare' to be called). I write this from more than 20 years full time as living my vocation. This is where we all must learn to differientate wealth from prosperity. No matter how much wealth you have, if you are not serving those around you (including the planet, pets and environment count too), you are not truly prosperous. Prosperity has a strong undercurrent of philanthropy. Bottome lines and bank accounts do not matter, when at the day's end you feel unfulfilled.

This winter---reach out and get your personal vocational session (or at the very least begin and/or continue to pay attention to those so called coincidences that our souls speak to us. Learn from me about the 'rule of 8's' and daily/weekly planning.

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