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Winter Solstice 2023: Grace Under Pressure

The return of the light ✨️ aka Winter Solstice begins tonight at 927pm CST.

To confront and then embrace our darkness is usually advised.

From the IChing's perspective the solid yang line at the bottom of the verse or hexagram symbolizes the renewal or return of the light.

For a deeper dive look at #24 for the association to #Capricorn #capricornseason

Suffice it say the start of light returning brings longer days AND 2023 offers a Moon/Mood in luxuriating Taurus ♉️. The simple enjoyment of our physical world...and to review how we discourage disharmony through consistently seeking common ground. This ability starts with knowing your own values #ourrawmaterial #ormvaluesandideals #valuesandidealsweek

The Two of Pentacles asks us to exhibit grace under pressure. If we've learned the previous Sagittarian lessons of honoring our physical limitations (time mostly), then we express our values and commitments clearly. This grace is not an 'overlooking' or excusing immature behaviors. The grace is recognition of mutual suffering that we may have accepted as a 'norm'. Buddha would even say "bullshit" to this belief.

Capricorn as an energy thrives to be the best at anything that holds their interests. Ambitious? Yes. Selfish. Maybe. Self-protective? For Effing Sure! Once you allow this season to temper your extremes of expectations and judge-ments, you can relax, replenish and restore yourself with your partners, family and colleagues.

The infinity symbol seen on the Two of Pentacles and The Magician demonstrate the exchange of energy and matter. How non-form comes into form or manifestation. 'As above, so below' & 'Energy follows thought'.

What are some of your statements of intention?

With Mercury moving in retrograde motion and being physically closer to the Earth, how can your review your own origin story? Do you know the story of your birth? How did you bring light inyour family? Do you know your day of fhe week of your birth? The hour?

Allow Mercury to give you the room to reevaluate how you started this life--and then analogize to how you start things in your life, yes?

The Temperance card symbolized your Guardian angel coming down to Earth 🌎. Or if you please 🙏🏾, remove any religios connotation and examine how you integrate the spiritual with the physical. In essence-'Do you preach what you practice?'

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